Sunday, October 17

The investigation into the irregular vaccination of Catalan ambulance managers has been archived

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona and the Servei de Emergències Mèdiques (SEM) of the Generalitat have archived their respective investigations on the vaccination against the allegedly irregular COVID-19 of managers and positions of trust of ambulance companies, having been carried out at the same time as that of the health personnel. The cases had been reported by workers in the sector and the CGT union.

That of the Barcelona ambulance managers was the first investigation that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had opened in Catalonia for allegedly irregular vaccinations. It happened last February, at the beginning of the vaccination campaign. Not all prosecutors followed the same criteria: the Tarragona Prosecutor’s Office did not investigate the vaccination ahead of time of the mayor of Riudoms (Tarragona) and a councilor from Junts.

The complainants stated that the directors of several ambulance companies were vaccinated against the coronavirus despite the fact that due to their position they were not in contact with sick patients and that the protocol of the Ministry of Health established that in this first phase of immunization, health workers from frontline and nursing home workers and residents.

However, during the first weeks of the vaccination campaign, before it was opened to the general population groups, the Generalitat chose to vaccinate all the personnel of hospitals and public and private health companies, whether they were managers or workers of the kitchens or the administration of the centers that were not in direct contact with the patients.

Public prosecutors have reported that the investigation proceedings have been shelved because “the crime was not proven”, which according to the CGT fit with the criminal offenses of prevarication and influence peddling.

The CGT denounced that there were cases of “improper” use of vaccination by executives in the Falck companies, vaccinated at the Bellvitge Hospital, at the Transport Sanitari de Catalunya company, vaccinated at the Sants CAP, at the Ambulancias Domingo company , vaccinated in the Vall d’Hebrón, as well as in La Pau Ambulances and Lázaro Ambulances.

On the same dates the SEM opened an internal investigation to the ambulance company TSC regarding a possible premature vaccination, which has also concluded without sanctions, they have explained from the agency. In the case of this company, the SEM found that in reality the vaccinated were not managers but area managers “linked to daily operations” who were in contact with ambulance workers.

After news came to light in other communities, such as Euskadi, where health managers resigned after administering the first dose, Public Health in Catalonia defended that the criterion was to vaccinate all personnel who work in a hospital facility, starting with the workers of COVID-19 circuits.

In the rest of Spain, the investigations opened by the different provincial prosecutors have ended in the same direction as that of Barcelona. In Malaga the same union denounced the vaccination of the manager of the public company for Health Emergencies (EPES), and in Castilla y León it did the same with managers and office personnel of an ambulance company.

And in the Basque Country, the LAB union denounced the irregular vaccinations of Bilbao hospital managers and former PNV councilors. All the investigations have been shelved as it is not appreciated that the lack of ethics can be transferred to the criminal level. On the other hand, in the Valencian Community a judge has left the mayor of the PP of La Nucia (Alicante) on the edge of the bench for bribery and prevarication, who was vaccinated in a residence for the elderly in the municipality.

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