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The ‘invisible’ speaker from LG Display that blends in with your car | Digital Trends Spanish

LG Display, the innovative arm of LG Electronics responsible for the company’s cutting-edge rollable OLED TV and surround-screen technology, is at it again. Today, he announced a new superfine sound technology that can turn any surface inside your car into “invisible” speakers.

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Known as the Thin Actuator Sound Solution (TASS), the technology forgoes all the bulky components that make up traditional loudspeakers (drivers, magnets, cones, coils) in favor of what LG Display calls “film-like drive technology” that comes in passport-sized panels (150mm x 90mm x 2.5mm) that can be embedded into a car’s interior, such as dashboards, headliners, roofs, pillars and headrests.

The company says the slim TASS can vibrate from almost any surface inside the car to create sound. And at just 30% the weight and 10% the thickness of conventional car speakers, this can open up all sorts of placement options, leading to a more immersive listening experience, while freeing up space inside your car. door panels and other traditional automotive speaker placement locations.

“We have transformed the conventionally heavy and bulky loudspeaker into a high quality ‘invisible’ sound solution by using our cutting edge technology to elevate space, design and ecological factors and provide a next level sound experience like no other. before,” said Yeo Chun-ho, vice president and head of LG Display’s business development division.

The company isn’t alone in the race to rethink in-car audio. In 2021, Resonado Labs announced that its flat-core speaker technology, which also reduces the size of conventional speakers, would be used in vehicles, including Airstream trailers.

LG Display hopes to commercialize the TASS technology early next year, but if you’re among the nerdy hordes attending CES 2023 in January, you can take a look at the technology, for which the company just won a CES Innovation Award. 2023 in the Vehicle Entertainment and Safety category.

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