Wednesday, December 8

“The iPhone has 10 years to live”: Apple will replace it with an augmented reality device, according to Kuo

The more than well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has thrown himself into the mud. Predict that the iPhone has 10 years to live and that will end up being replaced by an augmented reality device. The prediction may or may not be accurate, but it is a weighty statement by the analyst, who has also revealed clues about the next augmented reality device that we will see next year.

Is the era of the end of the smartphone approaching?

Ming-Chi Kuo is usually quite accurate with iPhone leaks, although in this case he has given us a prediction. Apple’s focus is, according to account, augmented reality, and this will end up replacing the iPhone itself in a horizon of 10 years. Without a doubt, an important step to consolidate the metaverse on which the big tech giants seem to have focused.

“If the AR headset is placed only as an accessory for the Mac or iPhone, it will not be conducive to product growth. An augmented reality headset that works independently means it will have its own ecosystem and provide the most comprehensive user experience. and flexible. “

He states that Apple’s goal is to replace its phone with this technology, in favor of an audio and video device, of which we will begin to see the first steps in 2022. According to Kuo, this type of AR headset will have its own ecosystem, operating completely independently of telephones.

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The analyst also provides information on the augmented reality device that Apple is expected to launch in 2022. As indicated “it will have the same power as the Mac”, being able to work independently with specific applications.

It will thus have two processors, a main one with similar power to that of the M1 and a lower-end processor, designed to process information related to the sensors.

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