Saturday, September 30

The iPhone will now notify you when they send you an unwanted nude | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most striking functions and about which little was said in the sea of ​​announcements of the WWDC 23 is a special feature of iOS 17 It will help to handle sensitive media content.

This is a way to put a blur on images with unwanted nudity, a good parental control tool.

The iPhone maker says that sensitive content warning functionality will be available in the Messages app, Facetime messages, AirDrop, contact banners in the Phone app, and in third-party apps like WhatsApp for example.

The company also notes that all image and video processing for this feature takes place on the device, so this content cannot be accessed by Apple or a third party.

Although the content can still be viewed, it is a good barrier to entry for potential offensive images that reach the cell phone.

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