Saturday, February 24

The Jiménez Díaz Foundation, at the forefront in gynecology, pulmonology and medical oncology, leader in IEH’21 specialties

The Coordinate Institute of Governance and Applied Economics has presented the classification by specialties of the sixth edition of the Hospital Excellence Index, IEH 2021, in which the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, leads the ranking by heading three of the 12 specialties analyzed: gynecology, pulmonology and medical oncology.

The Hospital Excellence Index (IEH) of the Coordinates Institute understands hospital excellence as the sum of care quality, hospital service, well-being and patient satisfaction, innovative capacity, personalized attention and resource efficiency; betting on the quality and sustainability of a universal health system.

This is a joint analysis of hospitals, both public and private, prepared through surveys of nearly 2,000 health professionals throughout Spain, based on the results and perceptions of the professionals who work in them.

A classification by specialties that makes up one of the 3 axes in which the IEH is structured, which is completed with the IEH General rankings, in which the 10 best hospitals in Spain stand out and which it has led, one more year, and for fifth consecutive edition the Jiménez Díaz Foundation. As well as the autonomous IEH, which highlights the 5 best hospitals in each autonomous community.

This year, as a novelty, two new specialties are added, the digestive system and urology. Madrid hospitals lead 9 of the 12 specialties analyzed in the index.

The Jiménez Díaz Foundation leads gynecology, pulmonology and medical oncology and occupies the third position in psychiatry and urology. For its part, La Paz is first in pediatrics and rheumatology, ranking second in gynecology and traumatology and third in pulmonology.

Gregorio Marañón occupies the first position in cardiology and psychiatry, and the third in rheumatology, medical oncology and rheumatology. The Clinic is the first in neurology and third in cardiology. In the case of Ramón y Cajal, it leads the list in dermatology and occupies the third position in the digestive system.

Barcelona centers lead 3 of the 12 specialties analyzed in this edition of the IEH. Dexeus stands out in traumatology, while the Barcelona Clinic in the digestive system and is second in pulmonology and urology, and third in gynecology and neurology. The Teknon appears in the first position of the classification in urology.

In IEH 2021, for the sixth consecutive year, the Jiménez Díaz Foundation stands out as the best hospital in Spain. Leadership that recognizes, for yet another year, its commitment to excellence and highly qualified management, indicates the Coordinates Institute.

The La Paz University Hospital in Madrid recovers the second position that it had already occupied in the 2015 and 2018 editions, while the third place is for Gregorio Marañón, who in addition to being in the ‘top 3’ of the national ranking for the first time places the Community of Madrid, also for the first time in the six editions of the IEH, with three hospitals at the top of the ranking.

The fourth position is held this year by the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, ​​which drops two places compared to 2019, followed by the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, in fifth place, which climbs one position in the ranking, while the Hospital is in sixth place Quirónsalud Madrid.

As was the case in 2019, the Hospital Universitari i Politècnic de Valencia remains in the ‘top 10’ of the best hospitals, going from eighth to seventh, its best position in the six editions of the IEH. The Valencian center repeats as the only hospital in the ‘top 10’ that does not belong to Madrid and Catalonia, communities that with 6 and 3 hospitals respectively, occupy the first ten positions in the ranking.

In eighth place this year is the San Carlos Clinic and this year also highlights the entry for the first time in the ‘top 10’ of the Ruber International Hospital, which is placed in the ninth position of the IEH’21. The Quirónsalud Barcelona hospital closes the ranking.