Monday, January 17

The judge allows Puigdemont to continue using the JxCat brand until it resolves the lawsuit with the PDeCAT

Carles Puigdemont and his new party will be able to continue using the Junts per Catalunya brand for at least a few months. The judge who must decide who owns the initials of JxCat –if the new formation of the former president or its predecessor, PDeCAT– has rejected the precautionary measures requested by David Bonvehí’s party. This implies that until there is a final ruling on the case, Puigdemont may continue to use the ‘Junts’ brand.

The judge’s decision this Monday is only the first chapter of the battle that Junts and PDeCAT wage in the courts on account of who can use the brand. The PDeCAT sued Junts and intends to invalidate the assembly in which the JxCat leadership was changed by maintaining that it was done in an irregular manner, for which it asks to declare those agreements null and void.

In the hearing on September 25, both post-convergent formations accused each other of deception to keep the initials. The resolution of the case may impact the candidacies of both parties in the upcoming elections of February 14, in which if there is no last-minute agreement, the formations of David Bonvehí and Carles Puigdemont will be presented separately.

Regarding the core of the lawsuit, Junts defends that it did not breach any agreement with PDeCAT on the use of the trademark. Those from Puigdemont argue that on June 27 a telematic assembly was held that placed a related to the former president as president of the Junts por Catalunya party. This is how Puigdemont managed to get hold of the initials, until then in the hands of Bonvehí.

For its part, the PDeCAT lawyer blamed JxCat for “appropriating political capital” for the formation of Bonvehí and argued that it is the leadership and not the National Council or the party assembly that must decide on the electoral brand of the formation.