Sunday, May 22

The judge also fails to seize Alberto Luceño all the money he received in commissions

The judge has also encountered problems when seizing businessman Alberto Luceño. In an order issued this Tuesday, the magistrate investigating the ‘mask case’ has informed the parties that with all the assets seized from the businessman, they do not come close to covering the amount that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has requested for him: five million and a half euros, the money he received in commissions.

Alberto Luceño, the unknown businessman who charged five million in commissions and betrayed his partner

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The judge’s order explains that “in view of the fact that the assets seized to date from Mr. Luceño do not guarantee the amount requested by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of 5,567,725 euros.” The judge also states that the luxury cars he bought are no longer in his possession and that, therefore, the parties must propose new precautionary measures against him: “The parties in person are given a period of FIVE DAYS in order to urge new precautionary measures of an economic nature for the insurance of civil responsibilities, ”says the letter.

Justice launched the blockade of Luceño’s assets eleven days ago, according to documentation in the case. The bank has informed the judge that the businessman has several companies in his name and the Takamaka company, where part of the commissions he charged for his intermediation in the award of contracts for the sale of sanitary material to the Madrid City Council ended in March 2020 Between all his accounts he has approximately 128,000 euros.

An amount much lower than the five and a half million that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asks to be blocked in his assets in order to ensure that he faces a possible economic sentence in this ‘mask case’.

It is a situation similar to that experienced with Luis Medina Abascal. In his case, the judge discovered that he only had 247 euros in his bank accounts, and that in one he even had an overdraft of more than 6,000 euros. The Prosecutor’s Office and the accusations have requested the imposition of bail.