Friday, June 9

The judge archives the complaint for the raffle of a prostitute among the military, concluding that it was not real

A Barcelona judge has agreed not to admit for processing the complaint filed by an infantry colonel of the Army in December last year about the alleged lottery of a prostitute among the military at the Bruc barracks in the city, concluding that the raffle was not it came to be produced and it was not a real proposal.

In an order, the judge highlights that the file of the case is decided after an “exhaustive” report from the Prosecutor’s Office, which concluded that in reality the raffle did not include prostitution services and that a Christmas bread basket was actually raffled.

The magistrate maintains that there is no crime related to prostitution since no prostitute was hired, and the poster that advertised the raffle was made with “photographs of anonymous women, taken from the Internet, with pixelated faces and without providing any names or information.” that would allow them to be identified”, informs Europa Press.

The order argues that “no crime is attributable to the Armed Forces as such, since the alleged raffle is disseminated in a private WhatsApp group, not through official channels, without authorization or consent from higher command.”

The resolution also ensures that no public money was used for such activities and that proof of this is that the colonel, once the facts were known, denounced them. As there is no specific victim, the facts cannot be framed within the crime of trafficking in human beings.

It also denies that there is a hate crime and discrimination, since the facts “cannot be framed within them, neither in their discriminatory aspect based on sex, nor directed at discrimination against the group of people engaged in prostitution.”

After taking a statement from 66 people, “it is unknown which specific people were affected by this conduct, nor the existence of any formal complaint to higher command by virtue of this inappropriate way of proceeding by their colleagues,” said the judge.

“The comments on the raffle were made by two specific members of the barracks, in an unofficial WhatsApp group made up of 62 members, of which only a minority responded to said offer, the majority of the barracks were oblivious to said mockery. ”, they have assured.

Likewise, the court maintains that the raffle “did not respond to a reality”, since at no time is it known that favors were requested from any prostitute and, in fact, the winner of the raffle was finally awarded a Christmas basket. According to the order, the authors of the raffle proposal themselves acknowledged their authorship before their superiors and “expressed their repentance.”