Monday, December 5

The judge decrees prison without bail for the confessed murderer of Juana Canal

The Court of First Instance and Instruction 3 of Ávila has agreed to admit Juana Canal’s ex-boyfriend, who is being investigated for a crime of homicide in the field of gender violence, into provisional prison, communicated and without bail.

The Ávila Court has inhibited the Dean Court of Madrid on understanding that the alleged criminal acts took place in the judicial district of the capital of Spain, according to information from the Press Office of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León collected by Europe Press.

The court’s decision comes after the detainee passed this Friday at the disposal of the investigating court number 3 of Ávila while the search for the body of the woman who disappeared 19 years ago in Ciudad Lineal (Madrid) continues.

The investigators believe that they have enough probative material, although this morning they have continued to search for the body in the wooded area of ​​Navalacruz where bone remains have been found, sources of the investigation have informed Europa Press.

The lawyer for the family of Juana Canal, Juan Manuel Medina, stated today that he hoped that the person accused of the death of the woman, Jesús PH, would go to prison for the acts for which he is accused, and hoped that he would request it. the prosecutor, as has finally happened.

Juana Canal’s ex-boyfriend, Jesús PH, was arrested in Madrid last Wednesday and has already confessed to the crime. The main line of investigation points to the fact that he killed his partner at the time and then hid his body after dismembering it. In fact, he has designated two points for inspection in the area.

The detainee has been qualifying his degree of involvement until, finally, declaring last night around 11:00 p.m. that he had killed his ex-partner and then buried her in two points in a wooded area near a farm owned by his family in Navalacruz, according to the cited sources.

The area where the remains of Juana Canal are sought is the same where the remains of this woman have been found: first, in 2019, a skull found by a hiker and, a few days ago, remains of a femur and bones from the area of ​​the hip in a raid by members of the Civil Guard and the National Police.

Juana, who in 2003 was 38 years old and lived in Madrid with her children and her new partner, disappeared after a strong argument with him. It was on February 22 of that year when one of the sons returned home after spending the night outside and found a note written by his mother’s partner, which told him that they had had a strong argument and that she had run away and not he had managed to find her.