Thursday, September 16

The judge does not see a hate crime in the attack on a young man shouting “Sieg Heil” after an ultra demonstration in Valencia

“There are no signs of the existence of a hate crime.” This is how the head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Valencia ventilates the case of the ultra-aggression of a young man in Serpis street on May 1 after a demonstration of the far-right party Spain 2000.

The National Police arrested Vicente Casinos Garcés, a historic far-rightist and security guard at the Hospital Clínico de Valencia, and Jorge Plaza Vallés, a member of the Spain 2000 law enforcement service, for the attack. The ultras, according to the victim’s account, fled at the cry of Sieg Heil (a salute ‘to victory’ used by the Nazis since the time of the Third Reich) and threatening the neighbors who recorded the attack from their balconies. In the march called by Spain 2000, held a few hours before the aggression, abundant fascist symbolism was exhibited.

The judge, however, considers that it is a presumed crime of injuries despite the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that it also constitutes a crime of threats in competition with a hate crime. “The instructor does not coincide with the assessment of the Public Ministry on the facts and this despite the bulky report prepared by the Provincial Information Brigade of Valencia”, reads the order to which this newspaper has had access.

“Apparently, the Police knew some of the perpetrators of the events for constituting some type of extreme right-wing ideology group and the group known as Yomus,” adds the instructor. The victims of the attack and their companions recognized the photographs of the two ultra-rightists.

Thus, the place where the attack took place does not coincide with the area where the event called by Spain 2000 was held, “where there was some kind of disturbance.” Although the headquarters of the ultra small group is located on the same street where the aggression took place “and some kind of relationship may have with the perpetrators being in the place”, the victims did not belong to any political party or union, nor did they carry flags or other signs “that could betray their ideology,” says the car.

The young people, they said, had met some friends for a drink. “The meeting was merely occasional, not sought by the aggressors or by those attacked, where no political, ideological, racial or religious motive appears for the aggression,” adds the head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Valencia.

The judge sets out the facts in the car. A large group with “neo-Nazi aesthetics” approached “with a threatening tone and attitude” the young people gathered for a drink. The boys tried to flee but one of them was hit and received a strong punch. The young man was also threatened by Vicente Casinos Garcés, alias The ugly one, a veteran militant of the extreme right arrested in December 2019 in a European operation against terrorism, for an alleged crime of illegal possession of weapons.

The ugly one He said: “Do you want me to stick the knife in you?” The scene was recorded by one of the victims’ companions, a video that allowed the Information Brigade investigators to identify the aggressor.

Demonstration with praise for Hitler

The ultra march on May 1, held a few hours before the attack, brought together less than a hundred ultras, who toured the El Carme neighborhood surrounded by a device from the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) and to the astonishment of numerous neighbors and walkers given the striking fauna of Falangists and skinheads.

An anti-fascist counter-demonstration was encapsulated by the IPU in the Plaza de Santa Mónica, on the other side of the old Turia riverbed. In the final speech at the foot of the Torres de Serranos, the president of the formation, businessman José Luis Roberto, vindicated the legacy of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in terms of labor legislation.

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