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The judge imputes the PP of Salamanca, its president and its manager for alleged illegal financing of the party

The investigating judge number 2 of Salamanca has accused the PP of Salamanca, its president, Javier Iglesias and his manager, Isabel Sánchez González, for the alleged case of illegal financing of the party in 2017, during the primaries that the current president finally won of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. Both Iglesias and Sánchez will have to testify again, this time as investigated, on December 30. The judge endorses the prosecutor’s request, to whom neither the amounts supposedly donated in an “altruistic” manner, nor the receipts provided to justify them, nor the explanations that the witnesses have given so far do not match.

The Public Ministry establishes that from the documentation required and provided by the Popular Party of Salamanca, it is inferred that, “regardless of its origin” more or less spontaneously, an organization was set up in the groups of advisers of the Popular Party of the City Council of Salamanca and, especially, the Provincial Council, being the main organizer of them the provincial president of the Popular Party, Javier Iglesias García. Thus, he considers it to be proven that multiple political or representative positions of the Popular Party gave money in an “altruistic” manner in the groups that the PP has in the Provincial Council and in the Salamanca City Council, with the purpose, according to their statements, that the aforementioned money was to pay the membership fees that were not up to date with them, as this is a requirement for participation in the primary elections of the aforementioned party to be held on March 17, 2017.

“An enormous machine” to make Mañueco win

As Iglesias affirmed in his testimony as a witness last May, “an enormous machinery” had been set in motion so that the maximum number of affiliates could vote, because they understood that there would be “an explosion of support from the people of Salamanca from the PP to Alfonso Fernández Mañueco “. Of course, putting the top managers the money ahead, since the debt of unpaid installments exceeded 60,000 euros.

According to the public prosecutor, with the testimonies collected in the last year and a half it has been proven that no one saw that a note will be taken of who delivered the money, or how much each one of them delivered, not keeping any document proving the deliveries, except the own affidavits of any of the political positions elaborated and presented later. It thus points out that the head of the People’s Provincial Group, Juana González Mulas, declared before the judge “that everything was written down on little pieces of paper” and that what was used those days later was destroyed.

After receiving the money in cash and according to the statements of González Mulas and the then administrative of the PP of Salamanca, Emma Figueiredo, it was divided into the amounts, generally of 90 euros, that were still to be paid by the affiliates, to the that they called by phone asking if they were up to date with their fees, if they were going to catch up and offering, otherwise, to pay the fees. That money, already divided, was taken to the headquarters of the Popular Party of Salamanca and delivered to Figueiredo with another piece of paper where the name of the member and the amount to be delivered to the bank stated.

Donors did not know to whom they paid the fees

Thus, the donated money entered the accounts of the Popular Party, without each of the donors knowing, at any time, to which affiliates their quota had been paid with their money. After the payment in cash in the current account of the Popular Party quotas, according to Figueiredo’s manifestation, this dispatched with the manager of the Salamanca PP, María Isabel Sánchez González, who, however, stated in her statement that she was totally on the sidelines. of all this operation, ensuring that he has not been aware of the money they gave, that they were not officially notified, that he was not aware that money was delivered to the County Council, that he did not know who collected it, or who collected the money , even going so far as to sign that he was not aware that Emma Figueredo was going to deposit the money in the bank because she did not tell him anything or inform him of anything.

In addition to these statements, the Salamanca PP provided receipts that supposedly contain, in an anonymized way, in several columns, the way in which that money reached the Popular Party account and that, until now, it is unknown who has already prepared it. that when they were shown to the manager, she said she did not know them despite being in charge of the party’s finances. In the documents provided by the PP there are receipts of ATM withdrawals and sworn statements.

From all the documents the prosecutor draws several conclusions. On the one hand, in the anonymized list of affiliates of the Popular Party of Salamanca whose fees were paid between March 1 and 16, 2017, the amounts paid by affiliates in that period are divided into four groups: fees paid by transfer in the checking account between March 1 and March 16, 2017, with a total of 4012.15 euros; fees paid by affiliates through direct deposit into a bank checking account, with a total of 7004 euros; Fees paid by affiliates for subsequent nominative entry into a checking account, with a total of 9,431.5 euros and affiliate fees paid into a checking account by elected officials, trusted personnel and affiliates who collaborated to pay them, with a total of 41,490 euros. The sum of the four categories represents a total of 61,937.65 euros, which does coincide with the amortized debt recognized by the manager.

The PP presented bank documents to the court “in a disorderly manner and with utter neglect”

But of these four categories, the prosecutor points to the last, which corresponds to the fees paid by elected officials, trusted PP personnel and affiliates. The court required the Popular Party to provide the supporting documents of those who had given money for the payment of fees and the amount paid by each of them. The PP then provided a document that the prosecutor qualifies as “a disorderly conglomerate” with various types of justification: affidavits of people who donated amounts for the payment of membership fees, 39 in total for a global amount of 17,350 euros. In addition, a series of bank documents are presented “in a disorderly manner, without any criteria and with absolute neglect”, in which there are cashier withdrawals from very different dates, with which it is intended to justify the contributions of other people for the payment of dues.

From the detailed study of this documentation, the prosecutor establishes two groups, taking as a reference what the witnesses declared regarding the moment in which it is decided to ask for donations and the pre-congress calendar of the XIII Autonomous Congress of Castilla y León in which it is established as 10 March 2017 at 8:00 p.m. the end of the term for the presentation of pre-candidatures. Thus, taking into account that the then president of the PP of Castilla y Leon and of the autonomous government, Juan Vicente Herrera did not announce until March 9 that he was not going to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Board, and that, in the declaration of the Provincial President Javier Iglesias, as well as that of other witnesses, said that they were caught by surprise and that until after this statement Alfonso Fernández Mañueco did not present his candidacy, it should not be until March 10 the date on which they will begin to withdraw from the current accounts particular amounts for the entry in the account of membership fees of the Popular Party.

Donations made before the primary process was announced and that contradict the PP version

However, in the documentation provided there are several justifications outside that period, so the amounts can be divided into two groups. On the one hand, there are amounts that are extracted between March 10 and 17, 2017, specifically there are 17 justifications for an amount of 9,800 euros. But there are also amounts extracted outside of that period, except for one that is from 2018, all the others are prior to March 10. These are 12 justifications for a value of 7,250 euros.

According to the documentation, the membership fees paid into the current account of fees for elected positions are 515 and add up to the amount of 41,490 euros. Adding the amounts that appear in the affidavits, they make a total of 17,350 euros, so there are 24,140 euros left unjustified. But it is that if, in addition to the sworn statements, the supporting documents will be accepted as valid, the amounts extracted from the personal accounts of public officials between March 10 and 17, which add up to 9,800 euros and 14,340 would still remain unjustified. Even accepting the amounts collected in bank documentation outside the week of March 10 to 17, which amounts to 7,250 euros, 7,090 euros would still be left without justifying.

In this way, in the best of cases for the PP of Salamanca, at least 7,090 euros have been entered into the account in which the membership fees are collected, from donations that do not know where they come from and why therefore they are anonymous.

The payment of a debt to third parties, an argument “more than debatable”

To the prosecutor it seems “more than debatable” that it can be understood that the contribution of amounts for public office is the payment of the debt of a third party, since all of them declared before the judge that they did not know to which affiliates they were paying the debt. Nor can it be considered that the donations were not made to the party, “moreover, given the dynamics in which the deposit was made in the current account, the truth is that the money was delivered to the advisory groups of the Provincial Council and the City Council of Salamanca and from there, fragmented, it went to the quota account of the Popular Party, “he says. To this he adds that neither is a “moderately reasonable” explanation given as to why proofs of income are provided in Caja Rural prior to November 13, Monday, as amounts donated by public officials of the party such as six that are made on March 9 , for a value of 540 euros and six on March 10 – date on which the meeting is supposedly held where they agree to the contribution of amounts – for a value of 534 euros. The prosecutor affirms that it is “materially impossible” that they were brought in, that affiliates were called and taken to the bank on that date, when that decision had just been made.

With all the information collected, the prosecutor considers that he could be facing an assumption of anonymous donations to a political party and that the provisions of 304 bis 5 of the Penal Code (illegal financing of political parties) in relation to the Popular Party of Salamanca. In addition, article 31 is applicable, which establishes the criminal responsibility of legal persons, indicating that their administrators will have to personally answer for the crime. Therefore, the court orders in its order that a statement be taken as investigated for the crimes exposed to the president of the Popular Party of Salamanca, Javier Iglesias Sánchez and the manager, Isabel Sánchez González, while expressly declaring the quality of investigated from the PP of Salamanca.

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