Tuesday, May 24

The judge in the mask case cannot seize Luis Medina because he only has 250 euros in the account

The seizure of the assets of the commission agents of the masks is complicated. Court 47 has asked the Prosecutor’s Office and the accusations to propose new economic embargo measures for Luis Medina Abascal after verifying that he does not keep the bank bonds he bought with his commissions, and that in his bank account there are less than 250 euros in this moment.

Luis Medina Abascal: a life of superlative adjectives until Anti-corruption arrived

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In a letter to which elDiario.es has had access, the investigating judge explains to the parties that, after seizing the assets of the two commission agents, he has found this situation and asks the parties to propose new measures for “the securing of civil responsibilities”. That is, to be able to face a hypothetical economic sentence for this case.

According to the Anticorruption complaint, Luis Medina Abascal invested his million dollars in two things: a yacht that he put in the name of a Gibraltarian company and which he baptized as “Feria”, his family dukedom, and two bank bonds. According to the judge, those two bonds are no longer in his possession and there are only 247 euros in his bank accounts.

The judge, who yesterday accepted the Madrid City Council as private accusation and Podemos and PSOE as popular accusations, pending the appearance of Más Madrid, charged Luis Medina and his partner Alberto Luceño and ordered the seizure of their assets, as and as the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor had requested after filing a complaint. Investigators suspect that, between them, they collected six million dollars in commissions from three medical equipment contracts awarded to a Malaysian company in the last weeks of March 2020.

They also suspect that they laundered this money through the massive purchase of luxury goods: a yacht and several bank bonds by Medina and luxury cars, luxury watches and a house by Luceño. The magistrate launched the embargo so that, in the event of being brought to trial and convicted in the future, the payment of their millionaire economic responsibilities would be assured.

The mayor’s cousin

The investigation began last week after the 47th court of the capital admitted the complaint of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor after more than a year of investigation, as revealed by elDiario.es. A complaint that not only targeted the two commissioners for three different crimes: it also reflected that Luis Medina arrived at the town hall after contacting a relative of José Luis Martínez-Almeida, with whom, according to Anti-Corruption, he had a “friendly relationship.”

The alderman has recognized this contact but has rejected that they maintained a friendly relationship. According to his version, Medina Abascal contacted her cousin through an acquaintance they both had in common and quickly, from the consistory, he was sent to the email where they centralized the purchases. According to the mayor, therefore, the management momentarily passed through the hands of his cousin without going through himself.

The judge is investigating the two commission agents for three crimes: fraud, false documents and money laundering. He investigates, therefore, if in addition to defrauding the city council with disproportionate surcharges to hide their commissions, they falsified documents to try to camouflage the loot and if they laundered a part to introduce the money into the legal circuit.