Wednesday, September 27

The judge in the mask case forces San Chin Choon to travel to Madrid if he wants to testify

The judge investigating the mask case is not satisfied with the procedural attitude of the Malaysian businessman San Chin Choon. In an order to which has had access, the magistrate echoes the messages that the businessman has supposedly sent via email to exonerate Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, and explains that they have no value as test in this process if you do not ratify it before the judge.

San Chin Choon and the Asian pillage trail in Spain

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The magistrate unsuccessfully tried to get San Chin Choon to testify by videoconference or for his testimony to be, at least, recorded on video, but he refused. This is the Malaysian businessman who owns the Leno company who finally sold the masks and other sanitary material to the Madrid City Council, later paying millionaire commissions to Luceño and Medina behind the council’s back.

The businessman has not wanted to testify in the terms required by the judge but he has sent documentation and emails. Something that is not enough for the judge, who understands that it is not up to the standards set by Spanish law to be taken into account as valid evidence: “This documentation has no probative value if it is not ratified before this Instructor, answering all the questions that the parties ask about them and other matters of interest to the cause”.

The judge addresses “the one who says he is San Chin Choon” to confirm the dates “on which he can appear before this Court, given that another rogatory commission will no longer be officially sent to Malaysia, having already been answered the first without a positive response, nor is there going to be any videoconference with Malaysia. For the magistrate, therefore, it is necessary for San Chin Choon to travel from Malaysia to Madrid: “Not only because there would be no technical means to do so, but also because in this case personal immediacy is necessary with the assistance of official translators from the High Court of Justice of Madrid”, he says.

The figure and testimony of San Chin Choon and his company Leno have become one of the great unknowns in the mask case, which investigates how businessmen Medina and Luceño reached the heart of the Madrid City Council to sell medical supplies in the worst of times. the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, how part of that material was defective and how part of the premium paid by the José Luis Martínez-Almeida consistory went into his pockets in the form of commissions.

The magistrate unsuccessfully tried to get San Chin Choon to respond to a questionnaire through a letter rogatory. The Malaysian authorities explained that the businessman had refused to have his statement recorded, as requested by the judge. Later, someone who claims to be the Malaysian businessman sent documentation and emails that tried to exculpate Medina and Luceño: he claimed that they were his exclusive agents and that they did not inflate prices.

None of these dialogues are valid for the magistrate: evidence such as these must be subject to direct mediation. The magistrate also explains that he is not going to send more letters rogatory, both due to lack of technical means and the need to use translators.