Saturday, May 28

The judge investigates whether the former convergent David Madí charged illegal commissions as a lobbyist

The voluntary declaration before the judge of the former right-hand man of Artur Mas, David Madí, has not brought him good news. The Barcelona judge who keeps him investigated in the Voloh case of alleged corruption and diversion of funds to the procés has asked the Tax Agency for his declaration of business activities to check if Madí “charged commissions for allegedly illegal acts” in 2019 and 2020.

This is stated in an order written last Saturday by the head of Barcelona’s Investigating Court 1, Joaquín Aguirre. Madí, retired from the first political line but who was part of the Sanhedrin of leaders that organized the referendum, alleges that all his business and intermediary activities are legal, but the judge suspects that he may have committed a crime of influence peddling due to his proven ability to access the regional administration, even during the worst stage of the pandemic.

In its resolution, advanced by The newspaper and to which has had access, the judge states that Madí, in his judicial statement, alleged that his meetings and calls with senior officials of the Generalitat were protected by being registered as a ‘lobbyist’ in the registry of interest groups of the Govern. The judge adds, instead, that Madí did not provide any document to corroborate it and that “for this reason alone” he could already prosecute him for influence peddling.

Judge Aguirre also indicates that, after verifying it in the registry of ‘lobbies’ of the Government, Madí is not registered in it as a natural person. Yes, the company Aigües de Catalunya, of which Madí is executive president, is duly registered.

In his statement in July 2021, Madí framed the meetings he held with the Government as a consultant for the VTC companies in the administration’s usual relationship with companies and taxi drivers in the face of the new regulation approved by Parliament in 2019. And also placed within the usual business dynamics the attempt he made, as executive president of Aigües de Catalunya, to stay with Agbar, although finally the water company of the Suez group passed to the ranks of Veolia, whose merger was consumed last year.

In addition to the data to the Treasury, the judge has asked the Civil Guard to check if the “monitors” carried out on Madí and which gave a “relevant result” coincide with any of the dates on which Aigües de Catalunya recorded having held meetings with Government charges.