Tuesday, September 28

The judge lifts the precautionary measure that forced a hospital in Castellón to apply ozone therapy to a critical patient with COVID

The Contentious Administrative Court of Castellón lifts the very precautionary measure that forced the Hospital de La Plana (Vila-real, Castellón) to allow the entry of a team outside the public health system to apply ozone treatment to a patient with coronavirus in critical condition. The magistrate lifts the measure authorized by a Burriana judge on August 2 when verifying that the circumstances regarding his state of health have changed and that the family has requested transfer to another center, following an appeal from the Generalitat Valenciana Lawyers’ Office .

Valencian doctors demonstrate against the ozone therapy imposed by a judge: “In public hospitals there should be no room for treatments without scientific endorsement”

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The family, the car explains, has decided to transfer the affected person since last August 23, although the doctors at the Castellón hospital advise against it. The measure, which rendered the sanitary criterion worthless, was authorized as “extremely precautionary” for its “compassionate use”, given that the patient had not responded favorably to other treatments against the virus and was considered a protection of the right to life. The man, who had not been vaccinated, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with bilateral pneumonia after becoming infected. The magistrate emphasizes that the patient’s state of health when the Burriana judge agreed to the very precautionary measure was so delicate that a transfer to another center entailed risks for his life.

In the order to which elDiario.es has had access, the judge indicates: “The change in circumstances is evident because the party (…) assumes the risk and openly declares that the assumption of the risk is based on the improvement of the state of health The conflict has changed radically, “says the magistrate, when a new weighting of the risks is made. “Now the individual has the power to choose the transfer, the risk of the transfer of the patient is presented as acceptable, in fact, it is assumed.” Thus, “the measure can no longer be justified”, referring to the annulment of the criteria of the hospital staff, “because they are in serious danger,” he reiterates.

The order explains that the current circumstances “are not those that occurred on August 13” and, therefore, taking into account the legal grounds, “the request of the individual must yield to the reasoned refusal of the doctors who attend to the patient, based refusal in which the requested treatment is not provided for in the medical guidelines and protocols applicable in Spanish public hospitals “.

The very precautionary measure caused a strong indignation in the health community, which organized several protests against what they consider to be interference by the judges in scientific criteria. Ozone therapies have not proven their effectiveness in patients with coronavirus nor are they endorsed by health authorities. Doctors and specialists warned that the resolution represented a gateway to pseudo-therapies in the public health system. With the judicial resolution, the measure is without effect as of September 1, so the family may transfer the patient to the center they consider.