Saturday, December 10

The judge lifts the veto on the distribution of the Communist Party stamp

The judge who a few days ago urgently paralyzed the distribution of a stamp commemorating the centenary of the Communist Party of Spain has just lifted these precautionary measures, giving the green light to its issuance. The same magistrate who a few days ago upheld the very precautionary measures requested by Christian Lawyers now upholds the Post Office’s arguments and allows the distribution of the stamp.

The judge paralyzed the PCE seal due to “the proximity of the issue date” before entering the merits of the matter

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The case was brought before the Justice by Christian Lawyers. They denounced that this stamp commemorating the birth of the PCE broke, on the one hand, the political neutrality of the Post Office at the gates of an electoral year at a time when members of the party were part of the Government. It also denounced the participation of the Communist Party in the Paracuellos massacres and criticized the commemoration of the birth of a legalized party in Spain since the end of the Franco dictatorship.

At first, the judge decided to uphold these arguments urgently without listening to the arguments of the parties and understanding that she was dealing with a “factual way” case. She paralyzed the issuance of the stamps because allowing it would make the Christian Lawyers’ resource meaningless, she argued.

Now it has studied the allegations of Correos and has made the opposite decision, which in practice gives the green light to the issuance of this stamp by Correos, scheduled for last Monday, November 14.

The State Attorney explained to the magistrate that the creation of this stamp comes from a request by the PCE itself to the State Philatelic Commission in October 2020 “in order to commemorate the centenary of the Communist Party of Spain” and that “it could not be attended for the 2021 calendar because it is already closed”. The order was made soon after. Therefore, the judge now concludes, that route does not in fact exist because the Post Office only distributes and sells them. All the decisions, moreover, were adopted “by the competent body to resolve, once the legally established procedure was followed” and no one has challenged any resolution of the process.

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