Friday, January 21

The judge orders prison for the former security worker who shot his colleagues in Tarragona

The Tarragona judge has ordered provisional imprisonment for the former employee of a security company who this Tuesday shot three of his colleagues and wounded a mosso d’esquadra in his flight. The gunman, who remains in critical condition after being killed by the Mossos d’Esquadra, will physically enter prison only if he recovers, and until then he will remain in the custody of the police at the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona.

The man opened fire inside a security company located in the center of Tarragona and seriously injured three former colleagues. In his flight he wounded a mosso in civilian clothes. The gunman barricaded himself in an abandoned farmhouse in the town of Riudoms, and given his refusal to talk with the police, the Mossos Special Intervention Group shot him down and detained him. Before, the gunman had also shot the agents.

The prison order provides new details about the moment in which the regional police neutralized the gunman, Marin ES The former security employee “wore a bulletproof vest and was in a waiting attitude with a long weapon that carried a telescopic sight,” the judge explained in her resolution, advanced by The country and to which has had access.

“After the failure of any negotiating attempt – the car continues -, at 4:26 p.m. the police began to approach the aggressor, at which point he began to shoot at the agents and they had to repel the aggression by firing at the same time. , which ended with the assailant neutralized with various gunshot wounds. ”

The judge also reveals that an email from the gunman has been found in which “he records the labor grievances to which he claims to have been subjected.” In the email, Marin ES also indicates the people allegedly responsible for the grievances and mentions that it has various firearms. The gunman even attached two photographs in which he is seen equipped with weapons.

For all these reasons, the judge concludes that Marin ES may be the author of the crimes of attempted homicide, attack and illegal possession of weapons, and sees the provisional imprisonment justified due to the risk of flight from Marin ES, of Romanian origin, as well as reiteration criminal offense of the gunman, that is, to commit similar acts again.

The magistrate indicates that for now the provisional prison measure must be fulfilled in the Vall d’Hebron, ordering the Mossos the “necessary measures” for its fulfillment. It will not be until he is discharged when Marin ES will be transferred to the Tarragona jail.