Wednesday, July 6

The judge orders supervised release with restraint for minors detained for the rape of two girls in Burjassot

The judge has agreed supervised release with removal for all minors detained for their alleged involvement in the sexual assault of two 12-year-old girls in the Valencian town of Burjassot.

In this way, the judge adopts this measure and not the internment that the Prosecutor’s Office had requested. Specifically, the public ministry had requested this Thursday the internment in a closed regime for four of the minors detained for their alleged involvement in the events and had requested for the fifth arrested, also a minor, supervised release with removal.

The five minors arrested, between 15 and 17 years old, had passed today at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. The events occurred on May 16 in an abandoned house in the Valencian town. In this case, a group rape of a girl under 12 years of age and an individual rape of a girl of the same age are being investigated.

The investigations – analysis of data and statements of the victims – led the agents to arrest this Wednesday afternoon five minors allegedly related to the events. The girls had allegedly met with those arrested, whom they did not know, through Instagram.