Monday, November 28

The judge orders the Frenchman who sold defective masks to Madrid for 1.2 million to be located in the United Kingdom

Judge Jorge Bartolomé Moriano has issued an international request for the purpose of locating Philippe Haim Solomon for his summons as an investigated person, who sold defective masks to the Madrid City Council that, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, represented a disbursement for public coffers of 1,250 ,000 euros. In the order, to which has had access, the judge considers that there are indications of a crime of fraud in Solomon’s conduct.

Philippe Haim Solomon offered 500,000 masks to the City Council for 2.5 million euros almost at the same time as the Spanish commission agents Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina. When Martínez-Almeida’s team realized that Solomon’s masks were useless, they had already flown 1,250,000 euros of public money to the bank account of the alleged businessman based in New York.

The product, adds the magistrate, “did not meet the requirements for its use and destination.” He says of the person being investigated that he has Israeli, Guinea Bissau and French passports. The latter contains a London address. The judge concludes that it is in the United Kingdom where there are indications that the alleged fraudster resides.

Bartolomé Moriano has also summoned, at the request of the parties, as witnesses a woman who acted as an intermediary between Solomon and the City Council and Mario Tabasco, head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service, who has also testified in the case of the safety masks. Medina and Luceno. Before the judge, Tabasco explained that the masks from Medina and Luceño “were not valid”, despite the City Council’s version that they were of high quality.

The two alleged scams against the City Council of the capital run so parallel as that the opposition has news of both offers in the same WhatsApp chat that opened at dawn on March 24, 2020. The acquisition of sanitary material was in a hurry before the hundreds of daily deaths in Madrid and the municipal government asks political groups to give their approval to various offers received.

In the chat they talk about a Malaysian company, Leno, and its offer of masks, those of Medina and Luceño. The municipal spokesperson, Inmaculada Sanz, talks about a second offer: “500,000 FFP2 masks are in London set aside for the City Council.” You have to advance 50% of the 2.5 million. With hardly any further details, the groups give their approval to all the operations.

The head of the Investigating Court number 30 of Madrid began to investigate the complaint that the Consistory itself filed in Plaza de Castilla a year later, on March 5, 2021, unlike the attitude he adopted with Medina and Luceño to whom never denounced.

The Consistory’s complaint attached a report that the Municipal Police had prepared during all that time and that detailed the accumulation of irregularities of the product received, in short, a useless material that either did not have the established health certificates, or had directly falsified them. .

The court began to look for the CEO of the firm with which the sale had been agreed, an alleged New York-based consultant called Sinclair & Wilde, headed by Philippe Haim Solomon. But in New York there was no trace of the businessman and Judge Jorge Israel Bartolomé was forced to provisionally archive the case due to the lack of a known perpetrator.

Until last April, the US authorities provided the necessary information for its reopening: the alleged fraudster, with a history of check theft and laundering, is a French national, also calls himself Victor Chain Hababou and lives in the United Kingdom.

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