Monday, September 27

The judge prosecutes thirteen members of the CDRs for terrorist organization

The judge of the National Court Manuel Garcia Castellón has prosecuted thirteen activists from the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) arrested in 2019 for belonging to a terrorist organization, whom he links to a “highly radical” cell. All the defendants remain free after the National High Court agreed to release them in January 2020 and cast doubt on the terrorist nature of the group, which the judge is now claiming again.

In his indictment, the magistrate considers that this group formed within the CDR the so-called Tactical Response Team (ERT), a clandestine group of individuals of the utmost trust and who are fully committed to the “cause” of independence and that would have planned “sensible” actions.

The magistrate points out that those investigated, as members of the ERT, “would have surpassed the activity within the respective CDR and formed a parallel, clandestine and stable terrorist organization, whose objective would be to carry out violent actions or attacks against previously selected targets. using explosives and / or incendiary substances manufactured in the two clandestine laboratories that the organization itself had installed in two private homes ”.

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