Wednesday, November 30

The judge releases the woman who kidnapped the baby from the Basurto hospital on provisional release

The judge has decreed provisional release for the 24-year-old girl arrested for stealing a baby from the Basurto hospital. The woman has acknowledged the facts in her appearance before the judge and has requested her voluntary admission to a psychiatric center. Late this Saturday afternoon, the judge has decreed provisional release for the woman without any type of measure and it has been confirmed that the investigation of the case will be carried out by another court, according to Europa Press. The lawyer has detailed that both the young woman’s family and herself have requested admission to a psychiatric center. “She has declared, she has acknowledged the facts, she has passed the forensic examination and we are waiting for them to notify us of the car. Both the family and herself wanted voluntary admission to a psychiatric hospital and we will see what she agrees on”, indicated the lawyer of the detainee in the early afternoon, before knowing the judge’s order.

The events occurred around nine o’clock last Wednesday night when, dressed in a uniform with the Osakidetza logo, the woman entered the maternity ward of the Bilbao hospital and managed to take a baby after trying to take others. “I’m taking him to test her hearing so I can discharge her tomorrow,” she told her mother, according to sources familiar with the case to this newspaper. From there, the ten-hour odyssey of searching for the minor began, when an hour later the parents realized that her baby had disappeared.

Around eight in the morning, the detainee rang a random bell in a Santutxu neighborhood and left the baby on the mat. The neighbor who lived in said house found him in good health. “I have taken him in my arms, I have been excited to see him and, immediately, I have realized that he was the missing baby because she had just seen the news. When I saw him, I said ‘it has to be the kidnapping’, the woman has detailed, who has indicated that her son has run down the stairs to try to find the person who left him there, but “there was no longer no one”. She subsequently called the Ertzaintza. “It has been very fast, we had not hung up the phone from the Ertzaintza and they were already here. Then the toilets came and in half an hour they had already taken the boy, “said the neighbor. As she explained, the baby was “in very good condition and it was obvious that they had given him a bottle because he was very calm.”

The investigations allowed the young woman to be identified, who, after an intense search, was located and arrested at 10:45 am in the Azoka square in the Bilbao neighborhood of Zorrotza. At the time of the arrest she was “agitated” and “nervous”. This Saturday, the woman has gone to court after half past eleven in the morning and at twenty to four in the afternoon her lawyer left the guard courts. As she has confirmed, around six in the afternoon the judicial decision will be known.