Thursday, May 19

The judge revokes the prosecution of Borràs for corruption but keeps his political career in check

Laura Borràs has gained time. The magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) who prosecuted the president of the Parliament for corruption has accepted his appeal to reopen the investigation of the case. Judge Jordi Seguí estimates, as the Prosecutor’s Office had also stated, that he should give more time to the defenses to study the case, although he rules out that it violated Borràs’ right to be presumed innocent, as alleged by the leader of Together.

The judge sits Borràs on the bench for splitting contracts to benefit a friend

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From the resolution of the magistrate Seguí nothing follows that a file of the case of split contracts will be produced to presumably benefit a friend of Borràs during his time at the head of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC). The judge has only estimated the resources of the defenses – to which the Prosecutor’s Office had adhered – because he prosecuted those investigated only seven days after receiving the part of the case that had remained in an investigating court in Barcelona.

This speed, the judge concedes to the defenses, “did not respect the essential content of the right to defense of those under investigation” – Borràs and his friend Isaías H. were in the TSJC and the other two defendants were in Barcelona’s investigating court 9 , a brother-in-law of Isaías H. and an ILC worker–. Not having been able to “examine the proceedings in practice” before the prosecution, the judge grants the Prosecutor’s Office and defenses another 15 days to propose the measures they deem appropriate before issuing another indictment.

It should be noted that the Prosecutor’s Office had adhered to the request of the defenses to reopen the investigation due to the magistrate’s speed in issuing the indictment after receiving the new part of the case, since the Public Ministry had not had time to investigate all of the cases either. the cause. It is therefore a more formal than substantive reopening, since the magistrate rejects the other reasons set out by Borràs.

The judge rules out, as Borràs’s defense maintained, that it violated her right to the presumption of innocence and to a trial with all guarantees by presenting her “as guilty” in the order by which she concluded the investigation of the ILC case . It was a resolution in which Judge Seguí detailed all the evidence against Borràs, including emails from 2013 in which the leaders of Junts urged his friend Isaías H. to “divide each of the concepts so that it remains Of course, they are like parts that have to be assembled together”.

“In no way does the car refer to any of those investigated as guilty,” settles the magistrate, who opens the door in his resolution that Borràs can ask to testify again as accused.