Friday, September 30

The judge sends a man to prison for a homophobic attack on a couple in Barcelona

The judge has sent to provisional prison a 43-year-old man detained by the Mossos d’Esquadra as the alleged perpetrator of a homophobic attack suffered by a couple of two men who were walking through the center of Barcelona last February.

As reported by the Catalan police, the investigation began last February when the investigators learned that there had been a homophobic attack against two men who were walking down a central street in Barcelona.

The attack was carried out by a single individual with the sole motivation of the sexual orientation of the victims. The complainants stated that the author of the acts hurled homophobic insults at them and attacked them with fists “with extreme violence”, the Mossos have indicated.

Agents from the Central Unit for Hate Crimes and Discrimination (UCDOD) of the Mossos began the investigations and on May 10, thanks to the collaboration of the Barcelona Urban Guard, they arrested the alleged perpetrator of the events in the capital. Catalan. The investigation has been carried out in coordination with the Barcelona Special Prosecutor for Hate Crimes and Discrimination.

The 43-year-old detainee, who had previously been denounced for various threats and coercion, exhibited his skills as a boxer on social networks. According to the police, his pugilistic knowledge explains how he was able to attack two men simultaneously without them being able to defend themselves.

The victims suffered various injuries, such as broken fingers, blows that required stitches and various bruises that required subsequent medical treatment. They also suffered psychological consequences, which have required assistance and emotional support from entities linked to the LGTBI collective.

In the first quarter of this year, the Mossos d’Esquadra have investigated 39 cases related to hate crimes in the field of LGTBIphobia. Compared to the same period of the previous year, it represents an increase of nine cases. A total of 51 perpetrators have been arrested and/or investigated for these events, of which 75% are men.

Parallel to the investigation and arrest, the Mossos also activate the Victim Assistance Groups (GAV), for hate crimes. Currently, the Victim Assistance Groups have activated 71 monitoring of people who have been victims of hate crimes in the field of homophobia.

The Central Unit for Hate and Discrimination was created in the summer of 2020 with the aim of instructing the most complex investigations in this area and homogenizing the police work of the investigation units to establish equal criteria and procedures in the investigations of these events, as well as for analyzing this phenomenon and working in coordination with the Barcelona Hate and Discrimination Prosecutor’s Office and other entities.