Sunday, August 7

The judge sends Íñigo Errejón to a speedy trial for the alleged kick to a man

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, will face a speedy trial for an alleged minor crime of mistreatment after the complaint of a man who accused the deputy of having kicked him in the belly on May 2 in the Madrid neighborhood was successful. of Lavapiés.

A man denounces Errejón for allegedly kicking him and Más País assures that there was no aggression

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The head of the Court of Instruction number 16 of Madrid, Margarita Valcarce, has agreed to put Errejón on the bench for the aforementioned minor offense – what was formerly known as a misdemeanor – for which the parliamentarian will be prosecuted by an investigating court in Castilla Square. In her order, advanced by OkDiario and to which has had access, the magistrate explains that the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court establishes that these are the competent courts for the prosecution of minor crimes also for graduates, as is the case of Errejón, who is a deputy in Congress.

In the resolution, dated July 25, the magistrate affirms that after the proceedings carried out, the existence of a crime of injuries has not been proven, since the forensic medical report shows that there are no “acute traumatic injuries derived from physical aggression ”After the alleged kick given by Errejón. Consequently, it agrees the “transformation” of the proceedings into a procedure for a minor offense of abuse, which is characterized by being a simple and fast procedure that is resolved through a trial before the Investigating Court.

The leader of Más País has always denied these accusations. Last June, after revealing the facts, Errejón assured that the man’s complaint was “false” and denied “absolutely” that he attacked this person. He also assured that the complainant directed insults at him when he refused to take a photo together.