Monday, August 8

The judge sends Laura Borràs to trial for corruption and activates the countdown to her departure from Parliament

The countdown for the Parliament to suspend Laura Borràs as a deputy has begun. The judge has opened an oral trial for corruption against the leader of Junts, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office is asking for six years in prison and 21 years of disqualification for splitting contracts to benefit a friend when he was in charge of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC).

The audios of Borràs after learning about the investigation of his contracts: “If the mosso comes again, let me know right away”

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In an order, which can be consulted at the end of this information, the magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) Carlos Ramos concludes that there is “a serious and consistent circumstantial basis” to maintain that Borràs allegedly committed the improper division of contracts of the that the Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of, and gives the President of Parliament ten days to present her defense brief.

The opening of an oral trial for corruption is the procedural moment that requires, according to the Parliament’s regulations, to suspend a deputy from office. Although the regulations are clear, Borràs has insinuated that this precept should not be applied to her since, in her opinion, since she is not accused of embezzlement, it is no longer a case of corruption. And she promises to give political battle.

The reality, however, is that the crimes for which Borràs is accused (prevarication and false documents) are indeed corruption, since they punish the public official who knowingly issues an unfair resolution and who prepares a mendacious document. In addition, both are included in the statistics of the General Council of the Judiciary of the criminal types related to corruption.

Borràs has always argued that it is a case of political persecution. On the other hand, for the Prosecutor’s Office, the emails of the case, which Borràs has always refused to comment on, show that the then director of the ILC arranged with his friend Isaías H. to receive 18 contracts by hand, even to the point of agreeing Submitting bogus bids on behalf of other people.

Among the messages is an email in which Borràs addresses Isaías H.: “As three budgets have to be made for each of the different people or companies, I had thought that we could have you introduce yourself to all four and only you win one, the cheapest of the series (…). The rest could be done with Andreu’s company and perhaps with the Madrid cooperative”. “Send me the concepts and approximate amounts and if it suits me, I’ll do it myself,” says Borràs in another email.

In addition, as this newspaper advanced, Borràs, in his final stage at the head of the ILC, asked an official for all the contracts with Isaías H., and when he was already out of the entity he asked him to notify her if the Mossos returned to find documentation. Borràs has also refused to give his version of the audios to the official, as well as the reports of the Intervention of the Generalitat that warned about the excess of finger contracts in the ILC.

While waiting for Borràs to formalize his defense brief, the conflict is now transferred from the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to the Parliament. Until now, no deputy had had to be suspended for an accusation of corruption, and the paths to the final decision are uncertain.

Borràs could make a first move to try to delay the suspension, but some opposition group could ask for its immediate application. In any case, the Table chaired by Borràs is the first cog in the machinery that is now starting up. The governing body of the Chamber could be seen in an extraordinary session to address only the issue or wait for one of the ordinary meetings held every week after returning from vacation.

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