Tuesday, February 27

The judge sends the detainee to prison for the sexual assault of a 95-year-old woman in Figueres

The duty judge of Figueres (Girona) has sent to provisional prison the 31-year-old man arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra for assaulting a 95-year-old woman on the night of January 21 after breaking into her house through a window. The Mossos Criminal Investigation Division (DIC), which is investigating the events, located the suspect in the nearby town of Sant Pere Pescador.

In an order, the judge states that in his judicial statement, the man has acknowledged being at the place and time of the events and “having masturbated a lady believing that she was a friend of his”, a version of the events that does not work ” minimally plausible or credible”, at the discretion of the judge. The magistrate, in addition to the seriousness of the facts, appreciates the risk of flight to justify the provisional prison.

The sexual assault, which took place shortly before midnight, was reported by the victim herself, who explained to investigators that a hooded man had entered her home through the window. She was also the one who notified the emergency services through a telecare medallion.

When the toilets arrived at the home, they found the woman with minor injuries and took her to the Figueres hospital, where they underwent emergency surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, the woman has been admitted to the Bernat Jaume de Figueres social health facility. The DIC of the Mossos in Girona inspected the victim’s apartment looking for fingerprints, DNA or traces that would allow the suspect to be identified. In parallel, they took statements from the old woman’s neighbors.

The investigation put them on the trail of the now arrested, who has been brought to justice this Friday morning, since some testimonies placed him in the building the night of the assault. The neighbors also saw other suspects in the area that the Mossos have investigated. On Thursday afternoon, the Mossos found out that the 31-year-old suspect was in the area of ​​L’Escala and Sant Pere Pescador. It was in this last town that they located him.

According to sources close to the case, when they took a statement from him, the man reported that on the night of January 21 he had met a neighbor of the old woman, but that he had to access the home by jumping from a terrace. As he explained to the agents, when he did, he saw a half-open window and, through it, he entered the apartment thinking it was someone else. Once inside, the victim was found. At this point, the Mossos stopped the statement because he was at the scene of the events and arrested him as the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault and home violation. According to the same sources, with the assistance of a lawyer, he availed himself of his right not to testify.