Wednesday, May 25

The judge sends the suspect of the Bilbao crimes to prison

The head judge of the Investigating Court number 6 of Bilbao, José María Eguia, has ordered the provisional detention of NDMB, suspected of the alleged commission of a murder, two attempts and three possible related cases, with whom he allegedly contacted through a dating app, sources from the Basque Government Security Department confirm to this newspaper.

The LGTBI collective of Bizkaia calls to avoid stigmatization for the Bilbao murders

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The 25-year-old, who had been arrested since last Thursday, when he voluntarily presented himself at an Ertzaintza police station in Irún, has been transferred after 10:00 a.m. to the Bilbao courts to be placed at the disposal of the judge of guard, who has decreed his entry into provisional prison hours later.

The little information that has been confirmed indicates that a single case of presumed homicide is being investigated, showing a toxicological test and positive for GHB. In addition to this, two other cases of alleged attempted homicide are being investigated, that is, frustrated, and a line of investigation has been opened in three more deaths that, at this time, are certified as natural deaths. It is a hypothesis under investigation, but certified as natural death and without toxicological test. “Launching preventions that do not have a basis or a reliable justification can also be problematic for the result of the investigation and could generate unfounded concern and alarm. In this sense, the Police must act with extreme prudence and caution. In no case will it be confirmed or denied that the alleged perpetrator is the person who turned himself in yesterday at the Ertzaintza in Irun, nor the name or photo that has been published in the media,” said the First Vice President and Security Councilor, Josu Erkoreka this Friday in the first appearance related to the case.

During the press conference, he wanted to send “a message of calm to society” and, “especially” to the LGTBIQ+ collective, and has asked the public and the media to exercise extreme “prudence” with the data circulating about this case. “We know that the LGTBIQ+ community is shocked by this case” since the suspect met his victims on a dating app. “I want you to know that the Ertzaintza has been working on this complex investigation for months. I ask for confidence in a police force that has one of the highest case resolution rates in the comparative panorama. Even more so in homicide cases, in which the level of police clarification of the Ertzaintza is practically 100%. We are in the best hands, I guarantee it”, he explained to the media.

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