Wednesday, August 17

The judge sentences Paula Bonet’s stalker to three years in prison after appreciating a psychiatric disorder

The judge has sentenced Paula Bonet’s stalker, Víctor GT, for three crimes – threats, coercion and violation of the precautionary measure that prohibited him from approaching the illustrator and writer – but has applied the defense of mental disorder, which implies that He will serve the sentence of three years and three months in a psychiatric center instead of in prison.

Four women claim to have been harassed by the man who threatened Paula Bonet

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The sentence appreciates both the crimes that the Prosecutor’s Office and the private accusation of Bonet, brought by the lawyer Carla Vall, imputed to Víctor GT as the mitigating circumstance of psychiatric disorder that the defense requested at the last minute before the trial and that had not alleged to over three years of research. The ruling imposes a ban on the convicted person from approaching or communicating with the artist for ten years, as Vall announced on Twitter.

In the trial, Víctor GT put himself at the same artistic level as Bonet despite not having known work and called the threats he sent to the illustrator through social networks “sarcasm”. The end of the oral hearing served for other women to reveal that they had suffered harassment by Víctor GT

For their part, the accusations described the spiral of harassment that Víctor GT committed against Bonet. It began in July 2019, when Víctor GT began to stalk Bonet by going to the place where he worked and taught ceramics and painting classes. In parallel to the physical harassment in his workplace, the convicted person also harassed Bonet at events and public acts such as book presentations or exhibitions and through emails and messages on social networks.

For several months, Víctor GT returned to Bonet’s workshop to the point that one day he knocked on the glass of the establishment and raised and lowered the blind while asking questions and looking at the artist. He passed in front of the workshop all morning and did not leave until the Mossos d’Esquadra convinced him to do so.

In a thread of messages on Twitter addressed to Bonet during the confinement, which earned him his first restraining order, the condemned man wrote: “You better not set foot in my city again because if I come across you I am going to strangle you and dismember you to please all the miserable vagabonds that inhabit the streets of Barcelona. You’ll see what a feast, I’ll save the eyes for last and keep the nipples in a lunch box for my own enjoyment […] If you prefer, you can beg for mercy from this rapist, torturer and psychopath; You will only be raped until you have your third and last abortion after suffering an eternal beating.”

Víctor GT also left several objects in the artist’s workshop, including a notepad with poems, a photo of the accused himself and an envelope with his name and the expression “the rapist” written on it, which contained a plastic doll in the shape of an eel cut into pieces, alluding to one of Bonet’s artistic projects.

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