Friday, February 23

The judge sits López Madrid and Villarejo on the bench for threats, harassment and injuries to Dr. Pinto

The businessman Javier López Madrid and the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo will sit in the dock for allegedly threatening, harassing and causing injuries with a dangerous instrument to Dr. Elisa Pinto, who reported the events for the first time nine years ago. The head of the Court of Instruction number 39 of Madrid has just issued an oral trial against both, a judicial resolution against which there is no longer any appeal, and to which has had access.

The message to López Madrid from the police officer who was investigating him for harassing Dr. Pinto: “We are going to win this game”

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In the car, Judge Belén Sánchez collects the petitions of the accusations for López Madrid. The Prosecutor’s Office requests 13 years and two months in prison for each of the defendants, which in the case of the private prosecution, which the doctor exercises, rises to 22 years of prison request for each of them. There is a third accusation, from the Clara Campoamor association, in the exercise of popular action, which requests a total of fourteen years for the businessman and as many for the policeman. They are different qualifications for the same crimes.

More than two years have passed since the judge decreed the end of the investigation and proposed to try López Madrid and Villarejo. It was in August 2020 when the magistrate Belén Sánchez signed an order to pass the abbreviated procedure, in which she concluded that there were “sufficient indications of the participation” of López Madrid and Villarejo in the threats and harassment, in the case of both, and also of aggression by Villarejo.

These indications had been obtained, added the judge, from the victim’s statements, from the witnesses and from the “exploration of the minor complainant’s son.” The woman was injured in the side with a sharp object in April 2014 when she got out of her vehicle in whose back one of her children was traveling, who was 10 years old at the time. Villarejo would have pricked her while she told him “López Madrid wants you to shut your mouth.”

Before that, the alleged victim endured a campaign organized by the leadership of the Deputy Directorate of Operations of the Police in the times of Jorge Fernández Díaz at the Ministry of the Interior. The head of the political brigade, Eugenio Pino, ordered a commissioner to take over the investigation of the case to prevent Villarejo, then a key player in the political maneuvers against the opposition, from being charged, according to the defense of the doctor and they have ended up proving the messages seized from former Interior number two Francisco Martínez.

The reports of the commissioner Alberto Carba, today in charge of the Central district of Madrid, concluded that the only person responsible for the harassment was the doctor and some press headlines amplified those reports, describing the woman as unbalanced. Later, the Civil Guard found messages between Commissioner Carba and the businessman on López Madrid’s cell phone – during an operation against corruption of the Madrid PP – in which the investigator told the person under investigation for harassment: “This party we will win”.

In July 2021, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the head of the Investigating Court Number 39 of Madrid, Belén Sánchez, to expand the accusation against retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and businessman Javier López Madrid for the alleged assault presented by Dr. Elisa Punto .

The magistrate had agreed to attribute crimes of harassment and threats to the businessman; and the former high command of the Police a crime of injury with a dangerous instrument. The Public Prosecutor, however, considered that the list had to be extended “in the sense of considering both investigated as co-perpetrators of the aforementioned crimes, acting in common agreement for the acts committed by each investigated.” That implied that López Madrid was tried for the injury with a sharp object against the doctor, for having ordered it.

The accusations also request fines and accommodation measures, which in the case of the Prosecutor’s Office affect the fact that neither the son-in-law of Juan Miguel Villar Mir nor Villarejo can approach Dr. Pinto or their relatives within 500 meters for more than sixteen years. .

The investigation of the National High Court

A legal aspect of the harassment and violence used in the harassment by the employer and the police is also on the way to trial in the National High Court. Judge Manuel Garcia Castellón and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office have investigated the hiring of Villarejo, a practicing official, by López Madrid to “harass” the doctor as a case of bribery within the Tandem macro-cause. The National Court confirmed last winter the prosecution of both for these events.

The doctor is still charged in another court in Madrid for the complaint that López Madrid filed against her after being denounced.