Friday, September 30

The judge sits Torrent on the bench for disobeying the Constitutional Court to reprove the monarchy

The magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) Maria Eugènia Alegret has left the former president of Parliament Roger Torrent and current Minister of Business and Employment, Roger Torrent, one step away from the trial, and the other three former independence members of the Table of the Chamber for allowing the last legislature the processing and voting of a motion on self-determination and another to reject the monarchy, contrary to what was ordered by the Constitutional Court.

In a car, the magistrate puts an end to the investigation of the case against Torrent, the former vice president of the Parliament Josep Costa (Junts) and the former secretaries Eusebi Campdepadrós (Junts) and Adriana Delgado (ERC). He decides to put all of them on the bench for an alleged crime of disobedience, punishable by disqualification and not jail.

According to the judge, Torrent and his pro-independence colleagues at the Table processed two resolutions in the last legislature in favor of exercising the right to self-determination and to condemn the monarchy despite the warnings of its illegality by the Secretary General of the Parliament and with the knowledge of that the Constitutional had forbidden it. Now it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office and Vox, which exercises the popular accusation, to present their accusation briefs.

The judge argues in her order that the two parliamentary initiatives should not be admitted for processing by the Board since they had been “insistently declared unconstitutional” and also had “an express order” from the Constitutional Court so that the Parliament of Catalonia would not vote on them again. “for its unfeasibility.”