Tuesday, October 19

The Junta de Andalucía isolates a minor from an institute in Isla Cristina for not wanting to wear a mask

The Territorial Delegation of Education in Huelva has launched a series of actions in the case of a minor from an institute in Isla Cristina (Huelva) whose mother notified the center via burofax before the start of the course that her son would attend without a mask class.

As reported to Europa Press from the Delegation, given this notice from the mother, it was decided to transfer the Delegation’s legal advice to address this situation.

In this way, although the minor has not gone to class for the moment, Education has indicated that, at this juncture, what is contemplated is to allow him to enter without a mask, give him one in the center and separate him from his classmates, so that you do not put the health of others or yourself at risk. Specifically, they will go to a separate room and will be attended by the teacher on duty. It is, as they have indicated, a temporary measure waiting to know from the Ministry the measures at the regional level for these cases.

However, the Delegation has indicated that the fact of being treated outside the normal classroom context, that is, having to be separated entails a disciplinary part that, if accumulated over time, can lead to expulsion of one to three days, from three to seven and up to 21 and even the change of school. For this reason, they have stressed the importance of complying with sanitary regulations.