Friday, July 1

The Junta de Castilla y León charges against the “effort” of the Government to “capitalize” the Siro agreement

The Junta de Castilla y León has charged this Sunday against the “effort” of the Government to “capitalize” the Siro agreement, which this Saturday approved the majority of the staff of the biscuit company, on which some 1,700 people depend. In a statement, the Ministry of Industry (in the hands of Vox), points out: “Despite the central government’s refusal to work jointly and in coordination with the Board and its desire to capitalize on the agreement, the Board, which has always it has put the interests of the Castilian-Leonese first, it has made it possible for the agreement between the company and the investor to come to fruition”.

The regional and national administrations have not worked together in the first major industrial crisis of the new PP-Vox coalition government in Castilla y León. The distance became more than evident this Thursday, when the Ministry called the workers and mayors of the affected towns to travel to Madrid, when a Ministry minibus was waiting for the workers’ meeting with the Board to end to take them to the capital, where a pre-agreement was finally reached at three in the morning.

The Junta de Castilla y León assures that it laid the foundations to reach the agreement in Siro and that they have spent “months” of meetings in which the regional Executive has worked “on initiatives and proposals honestly and without fanfare”. The Board, through the Ministries of Industry, Commerce and Employment; Economy and Treasury; and Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, remains “firm” in all the commitments made during these talks.

“The mediation of the Industry portfolio has been key so that the rescue of a company that is a reference and a hallmark of the economy of our territory is much closer,” adds the Ministry itself in its statement.

The regional head of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Mariano Veganzones, has once again shown his willingness to the Siro company to start executing the welfare and mobility measures and plans for the employees of all the company’s plants. “This is great news because it means maintaining all jobs and giving a future to a company that was doomed to close,” Veganzones asserted.

“From the Junta de Castilla y León we have made all the efforts that have been in our power to reach this satisfactory resolution. We are going to continue to do so, we are going to continue supporting to the best of our ability and with all the instruments we have at our disposal so that this company continues to have a great future as a reference company and strategic group in Castilla y León”, he stressed. adviser.

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