Sunday, July 3

The Junta de Castilla y León confirms that the cub of the adult bear plunged into the mountains of Palencia is alive

The control and monitoring work of environmental agents and guards of the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territory Planning and Bear Patrols of the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León on the adult bear and her cub, which survived the attack of a bear in the Palentina Mountain and took refuge in a bear, they continue advancing.

During this last night it has finally been possible to confirm that the bear cub is alive, with the recording of images at the entrance of the cave, thanks to the installed cameras, reports the Junta de Castilla y León.

Now the priority is to continue providing support food, both to the bear and the cub, and try to check the extent of the bear’s injuries to assess its viability, or if, on the contrary, the cub had to be captured to achieve its survival and taken to specialized facilities until it reaches the appropriate weight and age.

This protocol was already successfully applied in 2019 and 2020 with the cubs Saba and Éndriga, which, after passing through the acclimatization facilities in semi-free conditions that the Board has on the Valsemana farm (León), could be reintroduced successfully in the Cantabrian Mountains.

The technicians of the Junta and the Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León have been monitoring the cave since last Monday with endoscopic cameras and poles, being able to confirm then that the bear was alive, although the extent of the injuries is unknown due to the impossibility of access to the area, since the cave has a gallery length of more than 15 meters. The real-time vision cameras installed at the entrance to the cavity have now made it possible to capture the cub’s movements.

Attention: this video may hurt your sensitivity

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