Friday, September 24

The Junta de Castilla y León trusts that the exhumation of Villadangos will be authorized and start in a week

In just one week, the exhumation of the human remains of up to 71 shot by the Franco regime in Villadangos del Páramo will have its project approved by the Junta de Castilla y León and this administration trusts that “soon” it can begin to be carried out in the cemetery of this Leonese town by the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH).

This was expressed this Thursday by the vice president and spokesperson of the Board, Francisco Igea, who has advanced that it will be on September 7 when the exhumation project will be reviewed, and foreseeably approved, by the technical committee of the Advisory Council of the Historical Memory of Castilla y León prior to the works.

As for the very date of the work in the local cemetery, although his wish is that it also be urgent, he has admitted that “the calendar” depends on who manages the association and this has transmitted to them that it will depend on the evolution and rhythms of other humanitarian excavations that it has in other places.

Igea has labeled an “isolated incident” the refusal shown by ballot box voting and in a council convened by the Villadangos Neighborhood Board, despite the very low turnout, a result that outraged the vice president himself and forced him to go to the Leonese town to ensure compliance with the Historical Memory Law in force.

Finally, at the press conference after the Governing Council on Thursday, Francisco Igea wanted to echo the death yesterday of Rufino Juárez, the son of one of those shot in Villadangos who had been trying all his life, until now without success. , recover the remains of his father who was retaliated in 1936. The spokesman for the regional Executive has sent “a hug” to his relatives before promising that they will “do everything possible” to fulfill “that right of yours and of all those who legitimately want to recover the remains of their loved ones. ”

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