Monday, August 8

The Junta de Extremadura assures that the Jerte fire has been intentional

The fire devastates the north of Extremadura for the sixth consecutive day, and, specifically, its areas of greatest environmental value and most tourist in this community. In addition to the fires that are still active in Las Hurdes and Monfragüe, another has now been added in Valle del Jerte, which affects the surroundings of the La Garganta de los Infiernos nature reserve and is currently the one that most worries the Plan to Fight Against Forest Fires in Extremadura (Infoex).

The general director of Forestry Policy of the Autonomous Executive, Pedro Muñoz, confirmed this Sunday that the Jerte fire, which began shortly before 11 p.m. on Saturday, was intentional because it is known that it began in two different sources, which They have already joined, when most of the media were fighting against the media in Las Hurdes and Casas de Miravete, in the surroundings of the Monfragüe National Park.

He also explained that unlike the one from a few years ago, this time the origin is closer to the road, not so much to the nature reserve, which reaffirms that it is “a fire caused with all intent”.

The Infoex now focuses its efforts on the Jerte Valley, where the Board has mobilized more than 12 ground units and a dozen air assets, which face a complex task due to the amount of smoke that accumulates in the area. The fire has the support of the central government and the Military Emergency Unit.

In addition, for security reasons, the accesses that go from the Interpretation Center of the Garganta de los Infiernos to Los Pilones, and from the cord that leaves it to the Jerte, have been cut off. In total, more than 170 troops are mobilized in the fire.

The affected area is between Jerte and Tornavacas, the area that is burning is an oak grove and efforts are focused on preventing it from reaching the pine forest area in Tornavacas, as it would advance faster, although Pedro Muñoz has specified that there is no danger for the population because it is a mid-mountain area where there are no buildings.

On the other hand, the fires in Hurdes and Casas de Miravete have destroyed some 6,000 hectares in Extremadura. They remain stable within the danger that reproductions entail, active and with level 2 of danger. The mobilized media remain in the area. But until this afternoon it will not be decided whether the evicted residents of a dozen municipalities will be able to return to their homes.

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