Wednesday, February 21

The Junts bases decide to break with ERC and leave the Government

Junts per Catalunya has decided to break with ERC and for the party to leave the Government. The internal consultation organized by the postconvergents has resulted in 55% of militants in favor of the rupture, while 42% have voted against it. Participation has been 79%, the highest of the different votes that the party has held.

The salaries that Junts is playing if he leaves the Government: more than 20 million euros and hundreds of positions

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The result of the vote consecrates the division in the party and casts winners and losers. The supporters of finalizing a decade of pacts with the ERC are victorious and bet -albeit from the opposition- on the confrontation with the State, a thesis in which the former president Carles Puigdemont and the president of Junts, Laura Borràs, who manages to recover, and by far, from the internal defeat it suffered in the last congress.

At a press conference after knowing the results, Borràs has already put on the opposition suit. “Today Junts wins and Pere Aragonès loses, his Government has failed”, Borràs proclaimed, who has charged against the Executive of which Junts formed until a few hours ago for “not obtaining results in any of his bets”.

Borràs has justified the decision of the militancy since, in his opinion, the Government “was not fulfilling the mandate of the polls.” In addition, Borràs has considered that, with only 33 deputies out of 135, the Executive of Aragonès now walks “with the democratic legitimacy called into question”. For his part, the general secretary, Jordi Turull, has highlighted that the party “has tried everything” before breaking with ERC.

The ministers, losers

The trustees of the convergent government tradition end up defeated and who understand that to fulfill their social and pro-independence objectives, the party must be in the institutions. The Minister of the Economy, Jaume Giró, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Victòria Alsina, who have led those in favor of remaining in the Executive, lose their portfolio just one year and three months after their appointment.

The first consequence of the vote is that on Monday Giró, Alsina and the rest of Junts ministers –Lourdes Ciuró, Violant Cervera, Gemma Geis and Josep Maria Argimon– will have to collect their offices. Dozens of high-ranking post-convergent officials will also lose their jobs. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has already advanced that he would quickly decide on the new ministers in the face of the challenge of governing with only 33 deputies out of 135.

Despite the calls for unity from the general secretary, Jordi Turull – who did not make his vote public for the sake of internal cohesion – the campaign has drawn two clear and opposing factions that have only confirmed the two souls that the party has dragged since its birth around the figure of Puigdemont. Turull will now have to redouble efforts to keep the party together.

The consultation that was proposed as a pressure mechanism on the ERC has led to an internal battle between two sectors that had already been fighting for months to control the party’s leadership and its political course, and that will now intensify their pulse. Junts has bordered on the risk of a split throughout the campaign, but the victory of those in favor of leaving the Government makes it less imminent. The ministers have limited themselves to verifying that if the government won the slam, as it has been, they would have to leave the Generalitat.

On the other hand, deputies who were committed to leaving the Executive, such as Jaume Alonso Cuevilas or Joan Canadell, have openly flirted with the idea of ​​a split to join the civic list promoted by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) in case those who support staying in the Govern. With this result, the split cools down, although it does not go away definitively.

The municipal, next battle

The next battle will be fought to make the municipal lists. It will happen after dozens of local officials, mayors and councilors advocated staying in the Government to guarantee dialogue with the Generalitat. The great post-convergence hope to recover Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias, had clearly opted to remain in the Executive and questioned his possible candidacy in the event of a break. Turull has wanted to dispel ghosts and this Friday he has revealed that Trias has called him to offer him “his maximum collaboration” in the elections.

The participation of 79% exceeds by three points the one that had so far generated the most interest, the election of Laura Borràs as head of the list in the 2021 elections. In the consultation that ratified the legislative pact between ERC and Junts with 83% 62% of members voted. In the last congress this summer, participation in the different votes decreased to percentages of around 40%. The bases of Junts have participated to the maximum to make the most drastic decision in its four years of history.