Sunday, December 4

The jury declares innocent all those accused of creating a ‘box B’ in the Complutense of Madrid

The popular jury that has studied the case of the alleged ‘box B’ of the Complutense University has decided to declare Dionisio Ramos, former manager of the university, innocent of a crime of embezzlement. After this verdict, it will be the 29th section of the Madrid Court that will pronounce the sentence in the case, in addition to supervising that the decision made by the popular jury is legal. The verdict of the popular jury also declares the rest of the defendants innocent.

The accused of the alleged box B of the Complutense point to “control weaknesses” in the management of the University

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The Prosecutor’s Office accused Ramos of having led the diversion of 1.4 million euros from the Complutense coffers between 1995 and 2001 and the rest of the defendants of having increased the embezzled fee above four million euros.

As sources of the case have explained to, the members of the popular jury have spent two days studying the evidence in the case and answering the questions with the favorable and unfavorable conclusions raised by defenses and accusations. The verdict has been communicated a few hours ago to the defendants in the Madrid Court itself.

Prosecutor asks for six years

The Prosecutor’s Office had requested a total of six years in prison for the former manager of the UCM, Dionisio Ramos, for a crime of embezzlement, as well as for three administrators of halls of residence. For three other defendants, students and deputy directors of colleges, he requested four years in prison as necessary collaborators in this crime.

This accusation stated that, between all of them, they had embezzled 4.1 million euros, of which a total of 1.4 million euros had been diverted between 1995 and 2001, the years in which Ramos was manager of the Complutense University of Madrid. He was the one who managed the university funds and who allowed the money to fall into a checking account that was used “unjustifiably” by using the money for purposes “outside” the center. The money, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, left the account in bearer checks without any supervision for the defendants or for third parties. In 2002, the money that more than a thousand students paid to reserve a place in colleges in the western zone was neither counted nor supervised.