Wednesday, October 27

The Justice authorizes the tourist rental in the flats of Palma that the City Council prohibited

The Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB) has authorized tourist rental in Palma flats, after overturning the prohibition promoted by the City Council of the capital. Justice considers that this prohibition “violates European directives, state legislation and is disproportionate and unnecessary,” according to what has been advanced Last minute.

This is how life annoys some neighbors in the center of Madrid an illegal tourist apartment in the face of administrative passivity

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Sources from the Association of Apartments and Seasonal Rental Housing (HABTUR) have valued the sentence “positively” in statements to Europa Press, although they have recalled that it still cannot be applied “because the judicial process is not exhausted.”

As reported by the news agency, this association filed an appeal against the prohibition approved by the Palma City Council and, now, the TSJIB has agreed, although the court does agree to impose limitations on the tourist marketing of homes in saturated areas, such as Playa de Palma.

“The public purposes pursued can be obtained through less radical means, some of them already made positive. The prohibition, logically, constitutes the last of the possible solutions to the harmful effects that the defendant Administration tries to avoid and stop,” says the sentence , according to Last Hour.

The City Council argued that the ban was intended to safeguard the environment and access to housing, but Justice has commented that “this laudable purpose must be proportionate and necessary, that is, it must be justified that the restriction of freedom is carried out in the manner adjusted to obtain the intended result and that the intended purpose cannot be achieved through less restrictive mechanisms “.