Wednesday, January 19

The Justice concludes that the Government discriminated against the civil guards and national police in vaccination

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has ruled this Friday that the Generalitat’s vaccination plan was “discriminatory” for the members of the National Police and the Civil Guard in Catalonia. The Catalan High Court already urged in April, shortly after the controversy broke out, to vaccinate these agents “without delay”, an order that the Health Department complied with despite considering the judicial decision “ridiculous”.

The judges now conclude that the Generalitat “fell into inactivity with respect to its obligation to provide health care to the bodies of the Civil Guard and National Police, in its work to supply vaccines against COVID-19.” Judges abound in this inactivity at the beginning of the vaccination process for essential groups last March, “gave rise to an unjustified and discriminatory difference in treatment with respect to those national bodies in relation to the police and emergency autonomous bodies and local, who were given vaccines more quickly and efficiently. ”

The ruling orders the Generalitat to “continue” this vaccination activity “under equal conditions” and orders the Catalan Administration to pay the costs of the process, with a maximum amount of 4,000 euros.