Wednesday, November 30

The Justice reactivates the investigation of Andorra against Mariano Rajoy for his involvement in the ‘Operation Catalunya’

The High Court of Justice of Madrid has decided to lift the very precautionary measures that weighed on the rogatory commission that Andorra sent to Madrid to advance the investigation into the role of Mariano Rajoy and other members of his Government in what is known as ‘Operation Catalunya’. The judges, following the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office, stop the attempt by the former president of the executive to slow down a case in which a judge from the principality is investigating whether there were illegal maneuvers from the Interior, the Police and the Government to obtain bank information from Jordi’s family Pujol.

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid provisionally paralyzes Rajoy’s summons in Andorra for ‘Operation Catalonia’

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This is a case that began last June due to several lawsuits filed years before, among others, by the former maximum shareholder of the Private Bank of Andorra, Higini Cierco. The judge decided to charge, among others, Rajoy, former ministers Cristóbal Montoro and Jorge Fernández Díaz and the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior, among other people, for crimes of coercion and false documents.

With this decision, says the TSJM, “the final ruling” of the process against Mariano Rajoy and former members of his cabinet is not prejudged. But the contentious-administrative judges do explain that Mariano Rajoy relies on “generic and inconsistent invocations” to request the suspension of the processing of the case in Spain, alleging that he had received different treatment from other defendants by the magistrate of Andorra . They reject his allegations explaining to Rajoy that “nothing has been shown with evidence or indications” about this different treatment that he alleges.

The judge sent the rogatory commission to the Madrid courts so that Rajoy and the rest of the defendants could be located and notified of the opening of the case. Initially, the former President of the Government managed to get the contentious judges of the High Court of Madrid to paralyze the management of this rogatory commission in a very precautionary manner, but now, already in the precautionary measures phase and after obtaining the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney refuses to prolong the suspension in a precautionary manner.