Tuesday, October 26

The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office files the case of girls with denialist parents from Cáceres who went to class without a mask

The case of the 3rd and 5th grade students of the Alba Plata public school in Cáceres, who went to school without masks because they had denialist parents, will not have a judicial journey. The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the filing of this matter “as there is no current situation of risk or helplessness for the minors”, since they go to the center normally.

In a letter, the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office indicates that on September 21, the procedural proceedings of the Superior Prosecutor’s Office of Extremadura, “initiated by virtue of a letter sent by the General Counsel of the Board, related to what happened with respect to the minors in the CEIP Alba de Plata “. The statement also recalls that, on September 22, the Juvenile Section of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office opened a risk file and agreed to request the center’s management to report on the situation of the minors.

This report was received this Tuesday, where it is revealed that “the two minors have been attending school regularly since September 21; and they have only missed school on the 16th, 17th and 20th, so the prosecutor of minors has decided to archive the case “.

In this way, the controversial decision of the family of these two students of 3rd and 5th grade of Primary who refused to allow their daughters to go to class with a mask is shelved, a mandatory protection measure for those over 6 years of age in the centers schoolchildren.

The Board then decided to prohibit access to the center to the two minors, which led to their absence from the classrooms for three days, and forced the regional government to activate the absenteeism protocol. Finally, the family gave up and agreed to take the minors to class using the mask


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