Wednesday, October 27

The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the case of the denialist parents of Cáceres who send their daughters to class without a mask

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Cáceres will investigate the case of the two students of the Alba Plata de Cáceres public school who do not wear masks by decision of their parents, so the Extremadura Board prevents them from accessing the center from this Thursday if they do not use this protection element.

The Ministry of Education has sent the case to the Superior Prosecutor’s Office of Extremadura, but it will finally be the provincial body in charge of investigating this situation through the prosecutor for minors, Yolanda Forte, who this Wednesday explained that to resolve the responsibilities of this In this case, it will be necessary to know the position of the parents, the decision of the school and the actions carried out by the Junta de Extremadura. However, he recalled that education is a fundamental right and the interest of the two minors must be protected.

The girls, 3rd and 5th grade primary school students and sisters, have not attended class this Thursday after the decision of Education to prevent the passage “to all the educational centers of Extremadura supported with public funds” to students who will not wear a mask, with the exceptions provided by the rule.

For this reason, the Secretary General for Education, Francisco Javier Amaya, has warned that the Board will activate the absenteeism protocol if the parents persist in this attitude. Extremadura regulations consider absenteeism a number of absences equivalent to 25% of the monthly teaching time without justification, but article 8 of the regional prevention, control and monitoring plan invites “not to wait for a student to accumulate this percentage of absences to intervene; the tutor, or where appropriate, the Head of Studies, must anticipate preventive measures in those situations or cases in which the percentage of absenteeism is equal to or greater than 10% of unexcused absences in a month, especially when antecedents are known that pose a significant risk of absenteeism “.

Regarding this possibility, the prosecutor for minors has recalled that in several cases “in which an intentionality or an intentional abandonment of the parental duties of the parents or guardians can be verified, a complaint has been made for abandonment of the family.”