Thursday, September 16

The Kellys are fed up with the incivility of tourists, which adds to their job insecurity

“These are some of the room conditions that we can find in 4-star hotels.” With this text, accompanied by several photographs in which you can see the state in which the hotel maids are some rooms that they have to clean, they denounced the ‘kellys’ of Benidorm through social networks the incivism and the ” lack of empathy “of some tourists, a criticism extended to businessmen:” And then they will want us to clean 23/25 in less than six hours, “while demanding compliance with the labor risk protection law and control of work rhythms.

“Where are the quality seals and the prevention of COVID for the chambermaids in these rooms?”, The ‘kellys’ also asked themselves, who have decided to make these images public as a “wake-up call” to businessmen , “who are often aware of these circumstances.”

The spokeswoman for the group in Benidorm, Yolanda García, assures in statements to that these situations that have been denounced through Twitter are not anecdotal: “When we have published the photos it has surprised many people, but for us it is common that we meet every other day in almost any beach hotel “. Thus, he relates that out of every 24 or 25 rooms that have to be cleaned in a normal working day, “four or five are found in similar conditions, with the floor full of sand, the bathrooms dirty with creams everywhere and clothes and dirt spread throughout the room, and in addition to collecting and cleaning, we must apply anticovid disinfection protocols “.

With that workload, more than 20 rooms a day, “if you dedicate two hours to the common areas, you have about ten minutes per room if you want to meet your schedule, because they do not pay you overtime, and it is practically impossible, because you do not know what you are going to find when you enter a room “, explains García, who points out that when they encounter these situations,” practically you spend an hour in them “.

Therefore, it claims that, in addition to complying with the occupational risk prevention law, more human resources are necessary to reduce the workload and that more time can be spent on cleaning and disinfection, “it depends on the type of hotel, but the average number of rooms should not exceed 15 “. “As in any company, preventive plans should be made to calculate the workload, which in the agreement states that it should be lower in high season, but it is not fulfilled.”

The spokeswoman for the ‘Kellys’ of Benidorm -the average salary of a chambermaid in a four-star hotel is around 1,000 euros net per month- also draws attention to the fact that tourism has changed, which affects them to his work, “before they were longer stays, of more than a week, which have now been cut in half, with which there are more exits and more cleanings, which generates much more stress and that we go faster”. “Hoteliers do not want to have customer complaints, and if the one who leaves the room at 12 noon, the one who enters wants to have it available at 12.05”, denounces García, for whom the solution is to increase the staff and reduce the workload: “We cannot afford a loss because unfair dismissals in the sector are very cheap.”