Friday, December 3

The kilo of tomato through the roof: these are the causes of the rise

For its part, in Jumbo, the round tomato costs $ 329, while the perita variant rises with $349. For its part, in Coto, the netted tomato is worth $ 319, the long-life $ 459, and the perita $ 349.

According to Salvador Vides, a reference of the Platense Association of Independent Horticulturists, there is a shortage of tomatoes which made the price skyrocket because the demand was maintained.

“Supply and demand is a market norm that is strictly respected in the case of tomatoes”, shot Videsy completed: “There were some problems in production and demand is making it rise”, during an interview with Reperfilar.

The tomato marked a record increase in July, with a rise of 51.1% in one month. Between December 2020 and last July, according to a survey by Indec, the round tomato price grew 200.45%. It should be noted that at the time of doing this statistic the prices varied between $ 189.9 and $ 219.9.

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