Sunday, September 19

The king of commissions

Juan Carlos I became a billionaire thanks to “commissions and other benefits of a similar nature by virtue of his intermediation in international business affairs.” These are the verbatim words of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office in a document sent to Switzerland to inquire about the “origin” of the money of the king emeritus that has remained hidden in that country. The document has been unveiled by The world and it indicates “indications” of the possible commission of at least four crimes: “Money laundering, against the public Treasury, bribery and influence peddling”. More details.

Spanish Electricity Production

For the first time in five days, the price of light has not come back up. This does not relax the debate, which continues to escalate within the government itself: Unidas Podemos has presented a law in Congress to create a public energy company. They have even named it: Spanish Electric Production. It would not be a question of nationalizing anything to the braves but of the State taking over the management of power plants whose private management expires and setting up its own facilities. This is a proposal from Podemos as a party, a way of putting pressure on its partner in the Government, who until now refused but is being doomed to shuffle the idea. In the short term, fixed caps or prices are proposed for the different energies. More details.

  • If you are not interested … Meanwhile, what the government has done is tell hydroelectric companies that if they believe that the latest reform that affects their profits is going too badly, that they can renounce the management of plants that they do not see profitable.

You should have already vaccinated

We have exceeded 70% of the vaccinated population and to corner the virus, that figure must continue to rise. To do this, some stragglers need to get in line. Some of us have not been able to get vaccinated because it has been less than six months since we have had the disease, but others, well, it seems that it is bad for them.

There is still, for example, 14% of people between 40 and 49 years old who have not come forward to be pricked, and that they can do so since before the summer. The authorities do not believe that they are deniers but people who do not give importance to the virus or who have been lazy about the adverse effects just on vacation. In Catalonia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the numbers of laggards rise. There are also problems with impoverished groups or, for example, immigrants in an irregular situation who tend to have a certain fear of going to health centers. In this good report there are more keys.

After the storm

We are still aware of the consequences of the storms, floods and floods that we are seeing in different parts of Spain, with coastal areas where the cars flowed into the sea. The worst seems to be over and the rain has started to recede in spots as Tarragona, especially devastated by the storm. The moments of danger have been saved without fatalities, although there are always people who plays it more than necessary.

They cannot say the same in the US, which already has almost fifty deaths in New York and New Jersey from tropical storm ‘Ida’. The hurricane was felt in the houses “Like a monster trying to get in”.

We have wondered if what we are seeing has to do with climate change. We have talked to people who know to have the answer: “Yes and no”, they say.


Do not pass

  • Historic but for the better. Unemployment it’s down like never before it had come down in an August. There are 82,583 fewer unemployed. The data confirms the theory that the crisis has been hard but the recovery will be faster than in others we have experienced.
  • A supreme corruption. With what is the Supreme Court and it has not been able to avoid confirming the ruling that proves that the corruption scheme in the financing of the PP also reached the state level with the criminal concession of awards in AENA, the airport manager.
  • Resignation. If you don’t live in Madrid, you may not even remember that Pepu Hernández, the mythical national basketball coach, was the leader of the PSOE in Madrid City Council. If you live in Madrid, maybe you won’t remember either. He knows and leaves. This type of transfer, as Ugarte says, it does not usually work out.
  • “Theres no cars”. What is happening with the microchip crisis is amazing. The lack of materials necessary for the manufacture of these electronic elements is closing factories of advanced products around the world. Video games, vacuum cleaners … and now cars.
  • Do you hate your mother? You don’t have to answer, but maybe you are interested these new literary reflections about a conflict much less explored than that of Oedipus.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – What is the capital of Afghanistan?

pink – Which Spanish television series, of international success, premieres its fifth season today?

Yellow – In what year did Spain enter the European Economic Community, the current EU?

Brown – What is the name of the president of the Valencian Community?

Green – With what technical name, similar to that of a mythical Eurovision singer, is the meteorological phenomenon of ‘the cold drop’ now known?

Orange – What brand new Real Madrid player was born in a refugee camp in Angola?


Blue – Kabul

pink – The Money Heist

Yellow – 1985

Brown – Ximo Puig.

GreenDANA (International)

OrangeEduardo Camavinga

Enjoy the weekend. We read on Monday.

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