Wednesday, December 7

The Korean underground laboratory to explore the universe | Digital Trends Spanish

South Korea’s state research institute reported the construction of the country’s deepest underground survey facility in a move to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

The Yemi Laboratory, located 1,100 meters underground in Mount Yemi in the eastern province of Gangwon, will officially open next year, the Institute of Basic Sciences (IBS) said.

The laboratory covers 3,000 square meters of area, which could host more than 10 kinds of experimental research at the same time.

The project, valued at 31 billion won (US$21.8 million), started in 2017 and aims to carry out studies on the creation of the universe and its composition through the detection of dark matter and the measurement of the mass of the neutrino, a very small electrically neutral particle that is part of the elementary fermions that make up the fundamental forces of the universe.

Now, why is it built so many meters underground?: «Because the IBS researchers assure that the underground facility will help them detect neutrino signals without interference from background noise or lightning from outside.

지하 1100m, IBS의 지하실험실을 소개합니다

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