Monday, February 6

The Labor Inspectorate lives its first strike to demand more resources and the promised labor improvements

The Labor Inspectorate has lived this Wednesday its first day of strike in the entire public body, vigilant of compliance with labor regulations. With very different versions of the follow-up, the convening unions celebrate a “successful convening”, with “practically empty” workplaces, while in the Ministry figures the workers on strike are below 10%. The strike is the first of three days of strike called to demand the labor improvements and expansion of resources committed in July 2021 and which have not yet been fulfilled.

The unions of labor inspectors stand up: “Strategic plans are of little use without resources”


“The success of the call is palpable, the first time in the history of the Inspection that all the groups that compose it come together in a mobilization of these characteristics and this should force this Government to review the decisions that to date have been imposed ”, highlight the conveners (CCOO, CIG, USSES, SITSS and SISCLASS).

The unions UPIT, UGT and CSIF, which also demand that the Government comply with the agreement reached, have not joined the call for strikes.

The reason for the mobilization lies in the breach of the improvement agreement that the Ministry of Labor signed with the representatives of the workforce in July last year, a delay for which the unions blame the Treasury. Among the agreed improvements, the preparation of a new list of jobs stands out, with measures such as reinforcing personnel, but also other highly anticipated claims, such as adjusting professional categories and remuneration, as well as reinforcing the administrative and technological support of the offices of the Inspection, they explain to this medium from the unions.

Conflict between Finance and Labor

The unions hold the Treasury responsible for the breach above all, but also Labor for failing to carry out the commitment acquired. The conflict has already generated many complaints, several mobilizations and, finally, several of the unions have opted to call a strike on December 21, January 25 and February 22.

The differences between the Ministry of Yolanda Díaz and that of María Jesús Montero on this issue is evident. “It is being negotiated within the Government. It has to do with a budget issue, it is being negotiated. As you know the position of the Ministry of Labor is well known, I’ll leave it there. So as a result of the government deciding ”, Yolanda Díaz responded this week.

On the other hand, from the Ministry of Finance and Public Function they responded to this medium that the budgetary commitment in this matter has already been fulfilled, in the opinion of the department headed by María Jesús Montero.

“It is not foolish to affirm that the agreements are to be fulfilled, that is our demand, but it must not be lost sight of the fact that the future of an essential public service is at stake. Leaving it in the current abandonment is betting on questioning the ability of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate to respond to the requirements of the citizenry that fall on it ”, denounced the unions calling the strike.

At the moment, if the measures are not complied with, the unions are already warning of a second day of strike on January 25. In non-convening inspector organizations, the intention is to wait and see what happens this month of December, in case there is any change. But if there is not, they will study what mobilization measures, according to union sources.