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The Lancia Delta will be resurrected as an electric vehicle | Digital Trends Spanish

The Italian company Lancia indicated that it will revive one of its most popular models. This is the Lancia Delta that could return in 2026, this time as an electric vehicle.

This could be an important bet on the part of the manufacturer, which is not going through a good time. He currently has only one car in his window, the Ypsilon, which is only sold in Italy.

The information was confirmed by the CEO of the firm, Luca Napolitano, during an interview with Corriere della Sera, where he stated: “everyone loves the Lancia Delta and it cannot be missing from our plans. It will return and it will be a true Delta: an exciting car, a manifesto of progress and technology. And obviously it will be electric ”.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale

This relaunch could mark a profound transformation in the company, with a couple of electric models that would better adapt to the new times, where the adoption of zero-emission versions will be the trend.

In fact, there are several companies that will soon release electric vehicles.

Lancia Delta
Lancia Delta HF Integrale

According to the CEO, it is a project that “expresses the Italian spirit that made Lancia great around the world.”

Some of these new projects include the return of the Stellantis Group, to which Lancia belongs, to the international markets and thus forgetting the stagnation they have suffered in recent years.

Lancia Delta
Lancia Delta HF Integrale

The company’s idea is for the entire Lancia line to be 100 percent electric by 2026. For this, one of the first steps will be the relaunch of the new Ypsilon, scheduled for 2024.

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