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The last debate reveals an ultimatum from Vox to Moreno to enter his Government before a third of undecided Andalusians

Juan Manuel Moreno entered the Canal Sur television debate preceded by a handful of polls that place him close to the absolute majority [55 escaños], but without an absolute majority. He came out with the institutional suit wrinkled by the pulls that all his rivals gave him, especially bellicose from the left, but above all shaken by the poisoned gift of the Vox candidate, wrapped in a warning: “If you only need a Vox seat to be president, he will not be if Vox is not in the Government. Tell me, are you going to be our vice president, if Vox is ahead of the PP?” asked Macarena Olona.

The last CIS before the elections leaves the PP with more than 10 points of advantage over the PSOE

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It is a capital issue of this campaign, which President Moreno has left behind in a flight forward, towards 19J. “That is a delusion”, the popular complained, “in response to his question: I want to govern in a pact with the Andalusians. I do not understand that you do not believe in autonomy and now you want to be vice president in a government that you do not believe in, in an institution that you want to destroy.

But Olona went on and on: “Are you going to form a government with Vox or are you going to embrace the PSOE?” he insisted. And half an hour later, at the most tense moment of the debate, the woman from Alicante extended her hand to Juan Manuel Moreno. There was a long silence, the popular looked at her and looked the other way, and she said: “Play music.”

There are six days left before 6.6 million Andalusians turn out to vote, with 35% undecided, an even higher percentage among the electorate of the PSOE and Ciudadanos, according to the CIS. 21.5% indicate that they will decide this week, 5.6% will do so on the day of reflection and 9.6% on the day of the elections. 52.1% declare that they have already decided their vote.

The discussion of south channel, the last one before the Andalusian elections next Sunday, reproduced the same scheme as the previous one, but with much more virulence: all against Juan Manuel Moreno. With so much shaking to the right and left, the president and candidate of the PP was overwhelmed, at times tense, at times clueless.

In search of mobilization

It is evident that the last demoscopic still photo, which gives Moreno more votes than all the leftists combined, has intensified the strategy of PSOE, Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía to agitate their own, still very demobilized. The socialist Juan Espadas, and Inma Nieto, from Por Andalucía, shook the Andalusian president directly questioning his management and his “economic miracle”, accusing him of appropriating “the achievements of the labor reform, the rise in the minimum wage and the Government’s ERTE central”; and they passed him the primer of all those laws that benefited the Andalusians, but they had the vote against the PP in Congress.

This time, the vice president and candidate of Ciudadanos, Juan Marín, was made invisible by everyone’s pressure against Moreno, and it was difficult for him to enter the debate, in which he appeared as a spectator for a large part of the program. His party is on the precipice of disappearance, according to the latest CIS. Teresa Rodríguez, from Adelante Andalucía, repeated her strategy of seeking hand-to-hand combat with the Vox candidate, and found the most histrionic moments in their disagreements over masturbation and sex education, tanks and the benefits of electric power (“Iberdrolona ”, he called her, accusing her of “being an Iberdrola shareholder and earning money every time the light goes up for us Spaniards”).

vox against the trend

But, above all, there was a drastic change in the role of Macarena Olona, ​​who from minute one of her presentation wanted to force Moreno to reveal whether the government will agree with Vox. “Let’s be honest, what pacts are we thinking of after June 19?” She asked him 50 seconds into the program, when the subject of pacts would not come until the last block of the program.

The far-right party has drawn up a dubious electoral campaign: dispensing with three days of public events, only to rectify it later; without appearing or responding to the media and spreading canned videos on their social networks. The polls this Monday have stopped Vox’s growth trend in its tracks, almost since the start of the campaign. With this background framework, Olona has started the debate with force, seeking a closed aside between her and Moreno, to whom she insistently reminded that he is president thanks to Vox.

It was just beginning, and this early blow twisted the face of the popular candidate. “Who is he going to understand: with us or with the left?”; “We have to make a front against them, Juanma”. The Andalusian president has gone to great lengths to obscure the acronym of the PP and the pacts with the extreme right behind his personal brand, “moderate and centrist”, which is pushing up in the polls. That intimate dialogue with Olona bothered him more than the subsequent attacks from the entire left.

The corset of the debate would break very soon after it began, precisely when the Vox candidate took out a stack of textbooks and showed Moreno one that talked about masturbation. “The problem, Juanma, is that you have swallowed all the ideological hogwash of the left,” she said. The popular, visibly uncomfortable, denied that these books were in circulation, and accused Vox of being a formation prone to “lies” and “falsehood”. “I am surprised how you forget that you are president thanks to Vox,” Olona interrupted. For the PSOE candidate, this phrase served as a springboard to launch himself for Moreno from the left: “It is good that Mrs. Olona remembers it, because it is indeed like that,” he said.

Moreno’s strategy was the same: that Andalusians see a president facing five candidates. His message is “security”, “stability”, and government management, compared to “the hodgepodge” of the other formations. Pointing to the right and left, he looked directly at the camera to tell “the Andalusians” that if they attack him from Vox and PSOE, he is “where I should be: in the centrality.”

But the biggest blow to Moreno would come in the form of complicity and a gift: “I am not going to take into account some little things that he is saying in the campaign:” that Vox must be stopped “, that he does not want me as vice president,” he said. Olona. “After 19J my hand will be outstretched like this, but what Vox says, Vox does. If he only needs a Vox seat to be president, he will not do it if Vox is not in government. Because they have shown that either we are in or they do not comply with what was agreed. If Vox is ahead of the PP, and you want to be my vice president, I offer you, here before the Andalusians, to be the vice president. And so we kick the Government of Pedro Sánchez, ”warned the Vox candidate. The realization did not focus on Moreno at that time.

“You only talk to me about Vox”

The turn then passed to Swords, who followed Olona’s thread: “Clearer the water. It is a full-fledged declaration of love, clear and clear. It is the second chapter of the pact, ”he said, showing the photo of the first legislative agreement between the PP and Vox, in 2018, in which Moreno appears shaking hands with the then Vox candidate, Francisco Serrano. “The Andalusians must decide between a Government of PP and Vox or a Government of the PSOE and the left. The PP is not speaking clearly to the Andalusians”, Complained Swords, that the popular did not close the door to another pact with the extreme right six days before the elections.

In his turn, Marín warned that if Olona and Moreno agree, “the autonomy of Andalusia is at risk”, and accused the Alicante of “distributing the seats before the Andalusians vote”. The leader of Ciudadanos was more institutional than a week ago, and only at times did he grow in the struggle with the woman from Alicante. “You only make French toast,” she told him. “And they come out very well. Do you know how to make French toast? ”, She answered, to the delight of the rest.

Nieto, who elbowed his way into the debate, intervened in this two-person dialogue to denounce that “these little numbers are what make you seem moderate,” alluding to Moreno. “You are educated, not moderate. She is getting the face of Susana Díaz, ”he snapped at her. Then he looked at the camera and assured that Por Andalucía “is presenting himself to govern, because he has a government plan.”

After much insistence, the popular lost his nerve: “Vox, Vox, Vox, you only talk to me about Vox, don’t you have another campaign? I tell him that I am going to interpret the meaning and plurality of Andalusians on 19J ”, he settled.

Protests before Canal Sur

At the gates of the Retevisión building, where the debate was held, more than 300 interim public employees of the Junta de Andalucía were waiting, according to calculations by the National Police: Infoca firefighters and workers from the Dependency Public Agency and the Andalusian Public Radio Television, who have received the arrival of Moreno and Marín with whistles and boos, protesting the lack of stability of their jobs. The cry has been more thunderous against Olona, ​​who defends the closure of Canal Sur, and against his campaign manager, Álvaro Zancajo, who was precisely the first news director with the Moreno government, until he was fired by the general director.

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