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The latest from Disney is a MOBA for mobiles in which you face Mickey Mouse against Buzz Lightyear or Wreck-It Ralph

They were few and Disney arrived. After Riot Games launched ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ and Nintendo published ‘Pokémon Unite’, Disney arrives with a new MOBA game that combines all its franchises: ‘Disney Melee Mania‘.

It is a game that, in principle, coming to Apple Arcade from mid-December. In the statement it has not been mentioned that it will reach other platforms such as Android or Nintendo Switch, but we will have to be vigilant in case it is a temporary exclusive.

I’m going Frozono Full AP

‘Disney Melee Mania’ has been developed by Mighty Bear Games, based in Singapore. The company has developed other games, such as ‘World of Legends’, ‘Mighty Pets & Puzzles’ and ‘Butter Royale’. As we indicated, it seems that this game will be exclusive to Apple Arcade, Apple’s subscription service.

The game is about games of three against three (Funny thing, since popular MOBAs like ‘LoL’ are five against five). To win you will have to choose one of the 12 Disney and Pixar characters, among which are Buzz Lightyear, Frozono, Rompe Ralph, Vaiana, Elsa or Mulán, among others.

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Every hero will have his own role, his own collection of moves and skins. Being an Apple Arcade game, the title should not have micropayments or ads, so all content, in theory, should be able to be unlocked based on games. Each match lasts five minutes and the goal is to score as many points as possible.

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The game will launch in December and will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade. That closes the doors to a large number of players (depending on StatCounter, Android is installed in seven out of ten smartphones) and, in addition, it implies paying a subscription of 4.99 euros per month.

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